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Do You Want It Faster?

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Keep chipping  away (1)


The Magic Bullet…..

In 2014 we want everything quick.

Quick Quick Quick

Fast Fatloss

Fast Food

Fast 30min HIIT workouts

Fit by Friday

“Just give me the facts fast Rach so I can
lose weight/be thinner/be fitter/fit more
into my day/be more productive,create
a new business…..NOW”

Everyone wants it NOW & So quick.

Fast emails that can be read in seconds.

“So, How do you lose weight. I want to be thin
for my holidays next week”

Yep. I get that question every single day.

“How do i get toned & more muscle
But, I don’t get time to go to the gym……”

The answer is never an instant,
just – add – water
type of fix.

Inevitably, the actual
truth is you’ve been chipping
away for a long time.

Having an energetic, healthy, fit
body takes a
daily commitment.

Want great Abs? Eat clean 95% of the time.

Want to attract more positivity, clarity & be happy?

Practice daily meditation.

Want a banging successful business?

Work your ass off, study your craft, be creative,
become tech savvy, make smart, informed decisions.

All of the things we really desire take
time, tenacity
& patience.

They don’t happen by magic or a super
uber quick time (Sadly)

Its the daily rituals.

The constant chipping away.

The regular small steps forward.

That get you there in the end.

Happy Chipping!  There’s nothing more
exciting than the climb…..edging closer
day by day, week by week, month
by month to THAT goal.

Keep going. It’s coming right up.

Have a wonderful Friday

Love ya

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