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Month: April 2015

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Spring Time Juice For The Weekend

Another fantastic Juice idea from the KSFL Juice Queen Mairi Taylor

Get Stuck Into KSFL & See Your Stomach Shrink

Another cracking testimonial This lady is Kelly Mullhollands client from the KSFL Dundalk class. She lost 14lbs in 5 weeks Once you embark on the Kick Start Fat Loss Detox see your mid section shrink in weeks. EVERY client we have notices a massive drop in body fat around the mid section. Cutting out the

23 Year Old Decides Its Time To Take Control with Kick Start Fat Loss

Jade at only 23, knew that her health was deteriorating considerably and she was becoming ever more so unhappy with her body image. “I would try to eat relatively healthy but my down fall was to snack and binge on sugary foods, cakes & biscuits” Jade started attending Jane Cole’s classes at the The Fitness

Former Office Administrator Loses Weight with Kick Start To Become Fit Pro

Ruth Fox, 31, lives with her partner and currently works as an office administrator. With bikini season around the corner, the thought of feeling uncomfortable in her own skin throughout summer was the last straw for Ruth, and she decided to make a dedicated change. “I really wanted to lose weight and improve my fitness,

Young Mum Ditches The Junk Food For KSFL

Junk food loving Mum ditched the junk with KSFL Sophie (27) Mum to a little boy aged two, saw some unflattering pictures of herself over Christmas and felt she needed to change. Sophie who attends Helen Pybus Kick Start Fat Loss Classes in Lowestoft & has coached Lesley Gooch who has lost over 10 stone

Elite Fitness Trainer Drops 40lbs in 21 Days With Kick Start Fat Loss

Elite Fitness Trainer drops almost 40lbs in 21 Days with KSFL They say it takes 21 days to break or make a new habit – and this was certainly the case  for Fitness Professional Jay Banks from Cambridgshire. “I was looking after other people’s needs so much, I forgot about my own.” Teaching a variety

Too Busy To Attend Classes But Lost 21/2 Stone doing KSFL ONLINE

“Esther’s Kick Start Fat Loss Online group provided the support I needed to loose weight” Esther’s Kick Start Fat Loss online group provided the support Louise required and she has lost 2 stone in just 12 weeks. Louise 30, a Nursery Manager is married and has a 2 year old, so already has an active

KSFL Celeriac Rostis

Love this recipe! Huge thanks to Andrea RIddoch and Kick Start Fat Loss Leeds

Clean Avo Mayo KSFL Style

Clean Avo Mayo – KSFL STYLE Who dosnt love Mayo on lush salads in the summer time? Here is our Kick Start Fat Loss clean version perfect for Thanks to Andrea Riddoch KSFL Leeds for the recipe it’s brilliant! Love Rachel x

Chocoholic Single Mum Ditches The Bloat & Chocolate With KSFL

  Chocoholic single Mum ditches the bloat and chocolate with KSFL     JoJo Reilly (37)  a single Mum with an 11 year old son, was feeling bloated, with no energy & down in the dumps about her weight. Bumping into a friend who was  getting fab results with Kick Start Fat Loss with Laura