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Get Stuck Into KSFL & See Your Stomach Shrink

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Another cracking testimonial


This lady is Kelly Mullhollands client from the KSFL Dundalk class. She lost 14lbs in 5 weeks

Once you embark on the Kick Start Fat Loss Detox see your mid section shrink in weeks.
EVERY client we have notices a massive drop in body fat around the mid section.
Cutting out the processed food, balancing your blood sugar levels and hormones eating clean home cooked meals
is the key

PLUS we have motivation and support like no other diet & fitness class.

KSFL looks at YOU as a person.

Inside & out.

Your mindset.

Your motivation.

Anyone can give you a diet sheet to follow…. But KSFL has all of the updated knowledge, research and bang up to the minute nutritional advice


KSFL is a lifestyle that you will continue with, feeling healthy, strong, focussed and lean.


It REALLY is the way forward to health, vitality, fitness and body shape.





LIVE classes a round the UK & Ireland

Online courses starting every week

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