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Former Office Administrator Loses Weight with Kick Start To Become Fit Pro

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Ruth Fox, 31, lives with her partner and currently works as an office administrator.

With bikini season around the corner, the thought of feeling uncomfortable in her own skin

throughout summer was the last straw for Ruth, and she decided to make a dedicated change.

“I really wanted to lose weight and improve my fitness, I was feeling sluggish & unhealthy and spiralling downwards ”

Working in an office environment,

Ruth, like many of us, fell into the trap of eating lots of ‘convenience foods’ and ate lots of bread which left her feeling bloated.

” I have always LOVED bread & would always be eating sandwiches & cobs,

I didn’t realise at the time how bad gluten is for you”

Since following Kick Start Fat Loss, Ruth’s typical daily diet now consists of protein

sources like eggs, turkey and chicken and plenty of salad and green vegetables.

“I feel happier and healthier now and my friends and family have said that I have come a long way with my fitness levels’.

Ruth explains that reaching your goals in diet and fitness is not something that can be achieved

half-heartedly, but Kick Start Fat Loss has been achievable and changed her outlook on health in general.

“If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. There isn’t a quick fix and you do have to put work in, but it’s worth it to feel happy and hea

Ruth is so happy with her new figure & fitness levels  she is  now training to become a  Fitness Instructor.




Ruth was coached by  Jane Cole who is the Kick Start Fat Loss Franchisee for Kings Lynn.  Contact Jane at The Fitness Studios Kings Lynn



Note to Editor – Contact Kick Start Fat Loss Director Rachel Holmes




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