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Whats The Deal With Soy & Why We Do Not Promote It On Kick Start Fat Loss

So What’s The Deal With  Soy? Soy is super popular with Vegetarians, Pescetarian and Vegans. And for people who think it is healthy? It has been marketed as a “healthy” product So is it? Let’s under the microscope… It is becoming increasingly common to find soy in baby formula milk a lot of processed foods,

Kick Start Fat Loss (KSFL) menu launches at the Pheasant pub in County Louth Ireland.

  You are trying to lose weight but your friends have invited you to the pub – queue panic mode! Kick Start Fat Loss (KSFL) have teamed up with the Pheasant Pub in County Louth Ireland where customers can now enjoy healthy delicious dishes and still shed the pounds. We spoke to Tanya O’connor, Head

Are You Wasting Time – Motivational

No matter how rich, successful, uber cool, positive thinker fit, strong, healthy, lean & all round amazing person you are…… You cannot buy time. You cannot get time back. You cannot control time. Its the one thing we ALL Talk about constantly.       “ Theres never enough time to do things properly……” “

Crisis In The Weightloss Industry – Are YOU Being Fooled?

According to reports a women has been on 61 diets by the time she is 45. As a Fitness Presenter & International Trainer for the last 27 years, I’ve been subjected to all of the usual nutritional, weight loss and fat loss information and advice. I have taken all the standard nutritional qualifications, read all

Facts About Intermittent Fasting & Flexible Dieting

  Have you thought about adding Intermittent Fasting into your weekly nutrition plan? Before you  scream “I cant fast” “I cant go without food” You will not believe how amazing you will feel after this. Your mind becomes focussed & sharp and you feel fantastic. Because you are giving your body a break from consuming

Kick Start Fat Loss Salmon Mousse

It’s a beautiful day here in the UK so if you are pulling out the BBQ try this summer Salmon Mousse idea Thanks to the Orpington Kick Starters & Fran Flin All this week on Kick Start watch out for tons on exciting clean fatburning food ideas #KSFLFOOD Love Rachel x ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Putting her own health first: Health care assistant loses 3 ½ stone with Kick Start Fat Loss

    Slimming clubs, cabbage soup detox, egg and grapefruit diet, slimming pills – just some of the many diets tried and tested by London based and Health Care Assistant Victoria Brodie-Smith. At the start of her weight loss journey Victoria weighed 12 stone 8lbs. Wishing to put a stop to her ‘serial dieting’ and

Have you Heard About Kick Start Fat Loss ? Do You Know who we are?

Have YOU Heard about Kick Start Fat Loss ? Do You know what it is? There are 91 Kick Start Fat Loss Franchisees in The UK, Ireland &  Gibraltar each teaching live KSFL clubs, Kick Start Slim classes and running online courses for 1000’s of people around the world. The Health, Fitness & Food Revolution

Are YOU A Sugar Addict – 10 Tips TO Get You off Sugar (Trainspotting!)

And we know how difficult it can be to avoid sugar. Its flippin everywhere, on everything, it has us surrounded…….. Unless you want to be a hermit,socialising & heading out for food  can be a some what tricky…. But not impossible……. Here’s another one of my  famous “Top Tip Lists” top keep you on track

Why Do You Get Headaches ON Detox

Thanks for all of your feedback in relation to last weeks newsletter and as its Monday the day we all “Get Back On It” I’ve included a little article about why you get headaches and feel a little rubbish, at first, when you begin detoxing on the KSFL plan.   I am also posting on