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Whats The Deal With Soy & Why We Do Not Promote It On Kick Start Fat Loss

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So What’s The Deal With  Soy?

Soy is super popular with Vegetarians,
Pescetarian and Vegans.

And for people who think it is healthy?

It has been marketed as a “healthy” product

So is it?

Let’s under the microscope…

It is becoming increasingly common to find soy in baby formula milk a lot of processed foods, meat products, cheeses, biscuits.

I have at least 5 questions a day
about SOY and SOYA
milk etc so
here is  the low down…..

Soya is not always on the ingredients label as
soy can be shown as the same as MSG which has about 500 different names,   but you may find vegetable oil, lecithin,
hydrolised vegetable protein etc.

Is Soy good or is it bad?

From the good prospective Soy is a complete protein it contains the essential amino acids that the body needs it is the only vegetable protein as listed complete apart from amaranth.

Amino acids are vital for the maintenance and repair of the muscles, tendons, repair of the body, nails, skin glands, organs, hair everything etc.  It is also responsible to help the body make hormones.

Various body fluid and enzymes trigger particular body functions.

Genuine soy products are nutritionally valuable as they are high in fibre, folic acid, B vitamins and potassium and iron.

The problem is much of the soy we buy is manufactured processed gunk.

Soy can be very high in isoflavones.  Isoflavones have really strong antioxidants properties.  Half a cup of clean tofu can actually provide you with most of your daily requirements of protein, calcium and iron.  The antioxidants properties in the Isoflavones means that soy is very good at preventing and repairing damage which might occur to exposure to the sun, free radicals that might be provided by normal bodily functions.

People who are lactose intolerant go down the route of soya milk as it is rich in calcium but it is so much better to eat more green veg as you will get more calcium from vegetables than soya milk.

Traditionally soya foods are the best as they are relatively in tact as the whole bean is being used and they are usually fermented.

The reasons why we don’t promote soya on KSFL:

1: Most manufacturers do not use the whole soy bean product in their foods.

2: They use the protein with its Isoflavones so they can claim the health benefits of soy but they don’t use the whole product.

3: The proteins with the Isoflavones is called soy isolate and because many manufacturers use soy isolates children who have been fed soy formula as infants may have received the same amount of estrogen equivalent to 5 contraceptive pills on a daily basis!

Soy requires the body to need more Vitamin B12 and that is because the body cannot utilize B12 that is present in soy.

4: Soy beans are high in phytate.
Basically they are an organic acid that makes it difficult for the body to absorb essential minerals ie calcium iron, magnesium, zinc etc.
Phytates are resistant to cooking so can only be reduced by fermentation techniques such as for those that those used to make peso or tempeh.

Just a side note –

Soy is high in phytoestrogens than any other source.

These are plant based estrogens that mimic estrogens in out body.  Now interestingly over the last ten years there have been a lot of studies saying how fantastic phytoestrogens are for you well guess who funded the studies – the Soy industry.


Independent research shows that consuming phytoestrogens is dangerous for the human body.

If you eat a high estrogenic diet your chances of breast cancer, endometriosis, infertility, low libido is massively increased because you end up with estrogen dominance.

Relating back to about what I said about an infant taking soy formula and the equivalent of the contraceptive pill is it any wonder that we have seen such a dramatic rise in puberty of girls starting their period as early as 6.


Soy and The Thyroid

Soya is goitrogenic basically this means it will destroy a thyroid.

Goitrogenic is thyroid suppressing.

Soy is king of the jungle of goitrogenic foods.

They work by preventing the thyroid from getting the necessary amount of iodine.  The iodine is essential for Thyroid health.

If your thyroid fails we know if you are on thyroxine you are probably overweight.  You have harder time regulating your moods, you get colds more, tired quicker, harder to concentrate.  You struggle to remember details.  Once you start upsetting the thyroid balance your battle against fat loss is a nightmare and soy is your number one enemy on that.

Trypsin inhibitors – soy is rich in trypsin inhibitors.  These are digestive enzymes that we need to digest protein properly.  Without enough trypsin you will experience loads of digestive problems bleeding, diarrhea, cramps. Potentially you may also be leading yourself to potential problems with your pancreas.

Phytates they are enzyme inhibitors that block the mineral absorption in the human digestive tract.

They are naturally present in all grains, seeds, nuts. Soy is so high in phytates it is almost impossible to get rid of them.

Some people say I soak my soy beans overnight in an acidic liquid that won’t do it.  Soy has to be fermented for humans to be able to digest it so if you have vegetarians or vegans that will want to eat it encourage them to stick to the fermented soy products mecca, tempea and natto.

I know that is a LOT  to take on board??

Great information and as always our goal at KSFL Is to arm YOU? with all the facts,

enabling you to make up your mind on your
food choices, for health & fatloss.


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What Do YOU think?

LOVE Rachel xx

THANKS To Sindy Matthews KSFL Franchisee for Banbury

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