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Month: February 2016

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KSFL for Kids

The nutritional needs of your children is an important subject and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of differing information out there. The food a child eats early on in their life can seriously influence their dietary habits later in life, so it’s important to build those good habits and a healthy relationship with GOOD

The cereal decline- it’s about time

I am so happy to be reading more and more about the decline in cereal sales. These sugar packed breakfasts are down right unhealthy and finally it is getting through to the masses! Here are some of the reasons why people are ditching the cereals (according to research) and some ideas for quick clean breakfasts

Where can I eat out on KSFL?

It can be hard to eat out with friends/ family when embarking on your KSFL lifestyle. Most restaurants don’t tell you exactly what is in their ingredients so you don’t know what you are eating! I have done a little research on a few restaurants so when you go out you know what you can eat.

Do you want to get back in shape for Spring?

Have you got a holiday planned and want to get in shape? Now spring is in the air are you feeling more active and ready to start a new programme? Join me on my NEW free BODY BLITZ programme for 2 weeks! This programme includes: Workouts, motivation and meal planners.   Jump on board HERE for

Can I eat Porridge on KSFL?

This question pops up at every launch… so let me go into a little more detail and give you some breakfast recipes too! So what is it about Oats on KSFL? Whilst oats do not contain gluten, they contain avenin, which is a protein similar to gluten. We remove gluten from the diet on KSFL and therefore

Do You Suffer With Your Back?

Back Aches, Back Problems, Back Pain….. This week I’m addressing lots of common ailments and niggles that affect you on a day to day, month to month even decade to decade. A trip to the GP will see medication prescribed in your 5 minute appointment.   We trot off, swallow our meds and get on

The Osteoporosis Question and Kick Start

  The Big Osteoporosis Question! If you are a regular reader of my Kick Start newsletters and Blog posts you will know I don’t advocate dairy when embarking on Kick Start. And the biggest question I get is usually from women who are approaching menopause, going though it or coming out the other side. “Rachel,

KSFL Chicken Raita

    Your NEW recipe video is here… a MUST try for the weekend!     KSFL CHICKEN RAITA Ingredients (serves 2- recipe not for detox) Chicken 2 breasts of organic LiveLean chicken (available atwww.kickstartfatloss.net/livelean) 2 tsp Kick Start Coconut Oil (available at www.kickstartfatloss.net/coconut) Himalayan salt and black pepper Raita 1/2 pot organic natural yoghurt

What milk should I be using?

At KSFL we advocate YOU becoming your own food and health detective. By removing toxic and common foods that cause inflammation, allergies and intolerances you can start to see how these foods affect your body, health and mood. If you are struggling with fat loss, bloating, IBS type issues, skin problems, asthma, migraines and headaches,

Exercise and how it affects your skin

Exercise is so good for you, I don’t need to tell you that, but what effect does this have on your skin? Do you want to know why sometimes you feel glowing after the gym or other times a total mess?! Let me tell you why… The pros and cons PRO – Your complexion gets a