Jo’s was considered at high risk of CAD and after a lifestyle overhaul has cut down on medication and took back control

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Jo was considered at high risk of coronary artery disease and was prescribed statins. After experiencing terrible side affects, she decided she needed a lifestyle change and started KSFL with Kelly Ravenscroft in Sutton Coldfield…. see the amazing affects this had on Jo’s health in the story below:


Me and My Cholesterol

Having both parents die of coronary artery disease, I was considered to be at risk so my Doctors Practice allocated me a Coronary Nurse and I am annually checked. It was discovered that I had extremely high blood pressure which I needed medication for and as a precaution aspirin was also prescribed.

My very first cholesterol test showed that I have an inherited condition which relates to production of high cholesterol. My reading was 10 and I was prescribed an extremely high dose of statin. It soon became apparent that the side effects were very severe in my case and my GP agreed to reduce my dose right down.

I had been an addictive coffee drinker, 11 cups a day, black, 1 ½ teaspoons of coffee per cup. Having started one of your plans I decided I was in the right place to give it up completely and did so 3 years ago.

My cholesterol test last year was only 4.4 my GP would not agree to me giving up the statin, although he agreed giving up the coffee had attributed to this result, he maintained that because I had this inherited condition the statin was helping keep my cholesterol down.

At the end of last year I made a conscious decision that the side effects of the statin far outweighed the benefit, that it was my choice to make whether or not I took the recommended medication. I was breathless, my joints were extremely painful all the time, it was affecting my sleep (terrible nightmares and painful legs) and worse of all it was affecting my ability to go to your classes (which was now becoming a real passion).

I then started on your healthy eating plan, culminating in embarking on the Kick Start Fat Loss programme.

This week was my annual health check. In normal circumstances it would take several attempts to get a high end of the normal scale blood pressure reading from me. The first attempt was a perfect reading. My bloods showed no signs of thyroid or diabetic markers, my kidney and liver functions were perfect and my weight had dropped significantly nearly two stone since this time last year. Aspirin was removed from my prescription.

My good cholesterol was double what it was last year and my bad was up two points (only to be expected with my inherited condition and no statin). The overall result was 6, which is only just above the top line of the allowed limit.

My Coronary Nurse is supporting me in not taking the statin, is amazed that with diet and the right exercise (even with the inherited condition) that my cholesterol is at the level it is. She does now want to check me every 6 months to make sure that I am keeping on track.

I think what I am trying to say is that we should question the health professionals and not always accept that because they prescribe something it is right for us. It’s about being informed and making the right choices in our lives, being in control.

Kelly with all your marvellous help and support and inspiration, I now look forward to exercising because I love the variety of classes and now I can do them. I don’t remember if you remember when I started, I could barely lift my legs, I couldn’t even see my toes and I never imagined I would have reached the level of fitness I have. Because of your belief in healthy eating and making the right choices I am able to take control of my own health. I believe that because of that I will live a fuller more healthy life without having to cram tablets down my throat.

I cannot thank you enough, just keep doing what you are doing because it is making a huge difference to lots of peoples lives.

Thank you Kelly.

Jo Hodge


Thank you to Jo and Kelly for sharing your inspirational story. It just goes to show what a big part nutrition plays in health.


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