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Kick Start Member Of The Week Nominations 18.05.2016

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It is that time of the week again to celebrate our amazing Kick Starters… the inspirational people who are what KSFL is all about!

Our winner is chosen on a Friday and will receive a prize in the post!

This week’s nominations are:


Liz Lane KSFL Maidenhead


I nominate Nicola Jones.

Nicola joined KSFL back in February and has contributed so much to our group both Live and Online.
She helps to keep other motivated and on track and is always supportive and encouraging.


Sindy Matthews KSFL Banbury

I’d like to nominate my KSFL chefs.

Michael Dale, Geraldine Pinto, Jan Splicer, Shirley Matthews (mum)’ Rachael Willson and hubby David Plunkett for all the amazing work they have done toward the charity KSFL curry night we are running on the 16th July. We had a run through last Saturday to decide which curries to serve one the night. They all worked so hard. Jan even made clean poppadoms and they were better than the ones from the curry house.

Josie Tait

I nominate Curtis Berry.

He has done 6 weeks on our challenge and is 2lb’s away from 2 stone. He is only a young lad, still lives at home with him mum and dad but he cooks his own meals, preps his meals for work and has absolutely thrown himself into this challenge. So disciplined and focused when all his mates and lads he works with are drinking every weekend and making him do runs to the shop to pick up their breakfasts and takeaways… Nothing has shaken him… Very impressed.

Heather Pring KSFL West Somerset

kellie willis

I would like to nominate Kellie Willis

Kellie lost 4 stone last year and hit a wall at Christmas and let some old habits slip back in .

Kellie started to feel the effects on not eating as clean , her energy levels had dropped and her sleep quality was poor .

What was great was Kellie recognised how she was feeling and came to me and told me about this .

She’s back with a bang and buzzing with KSFL life again .

Very proud to have her with us on KSFL showing she’s real .


Online group

I would like to nominate Cath Gillingham

Cath is a fantastic member of the team always taking part in any online programmes we have and living the KSFL lifestyle. She is a positive and supportive member providing help and guidance to others… thank you!

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