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Heather Pring of West Somerset returned to her local Brownie club to teach the girls about health eating with a fun exercise class too!

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“Last night I returned to see my Local Brownie unit that my children attend , some amazing ladies run this unit and it’s my little way of saying thank you .

On arrival 20 young Brownies were waiting to see what I had in store for them , they had only been told to bring a food item in a packet . I asked them if they knew what my job was , they thought I just got people fit and really listened when I told them I help people choose healthier options in life.

We started our evening with a fun HIIT workout to elevate our hearts with simple movements they were all familiar with , even the Brownie Leaders joined in .

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The Brownies spilt up and worked in their ‘Sixes ‘ , they were given the task to come up in groups and silently decide 4 items they that believed had the least amount of sugar in. They wrote down their items and we added up the grams of sugar.

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I followed this up with a very basic mini quiz to see what they knew , including how would they know if they were dehydrated ,  I wanted to highlight how important drinking was for lot’s of reasons .

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Snack time always goes down well with all the children , this time clean chocolate orange brownies were made , whilst they ate these we  talked about our quiz and our 4 items of food they had chosen , they were amazed at how much sugar was in the supposedly healthy fruit bar ! Sugar is hidden in so many foods and I wanted to highlight to the children how bad too much sugar is and how cooking from scratch is the best way to know it is healthy.

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To end my visit we did a stretching and quietening down session concentrating on relaxing ! It worked… finally after a very fun noisy session they were laying still as can be , thankyou Brownies for letting me join you .”


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