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Welcome to Kim our new Kick Start Franchisee for Coleshill, Birmingham!

Kim is so passionate about nutrition and fitness she was desperate to help her community but needed help and guidance from a team who share the same passions and core values; as well as being part of something bigger and established. Kim knew Kick Start was for her and has now decided to launch in Coleshill.

Read her story below:

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My name is Kim, I’m 46yrs and I’m from Birmingham UK. I am a mum of 3 adult children and I’m a grandma of 2 amazing boys Jayden who’s 8yrs and Korey-lee who’s 3yrs.
I currently teach dance fitness (Clubbercise), BoxCamp (boxercise) and outdoor FitCamp within my community. I also do 4 week fitness challenges which I run via a private Facebook group. I run my business from home while hiring out a hall to do my indoor fitness classes at the local school where I live.
I started in the fitness industry not long after my 40th birthday. I went on a Zumba Fitness instructor course back in July 2010 then started on an ETM course at my local college that same year.
Before entering into the fitness scene, I was a carer for the elderly and a cleaner. I’d been doing this type of work most of my life and really wanted a change of career.
Me and a friend saw an advert for the Zumba course on the local TV late night ad’s and straight away I through this is for me.

After we did the training course, my friend Tasha and I set up our very first class within our community and it was a great success. We set up more classes with the community and I also started teaching Zumba in the gyms.
Whilst at college studying my ETM course, my tutor told me about various fitness professionals to look out for and follow, one main one being Rachel Holmes and her site ‘Choreography to go’. I signed up to Rachel’s weekly newsletter and started following her via Facebook. I also joined her Facebook group ‘Get organized – Goal setting business group’, which was of great value.
The beginning of 2012 I got really interested in the nutrition side of things. I started realising that my clients weren’t just coming to my sessions to get fit, they were coming to me to also help them lose weight. I’ve never had an issues with weight gain however, doing all those session day in day out 15 classes a week I myself managed to put on an extra stone in weight. How the devil can this happen to a fitness person I thought. I was weighed and measured on specialist scales which told me I had very high visceral fat and overall body fat was over my recommended height and age. I was intrigued so I started following the advice of Rachel Holmes and her advice among other fitness professional associated to Rachel.
Then KSFL kept popping up. The information that I was receiving was mind-blowing to say the least. Knowing that Rachel was getting the top most recent scientific nutrition and fat loss information, I wanted to be the first in my area to share it. My ladies love the info they receive from me and it’s all down to sharing Rachel’s great content with them.
I kept getting emails from Rachel on a daily basis and knew that this franchise was for me. I looked at other franchisee that had signed up and listened to their own stories to why they join and I was just inspired by their own reasons to why they join KSFL.
I’m so passionate about helping people get to where they want to be in life, but I just know I couldn’t do this on my own. I need help and guidance from a dedicated team who shares the same passions and core values as me within the health and wellness industry. I want to be a part of something bigger, something that will also help me stretch as a person, inspire others to be a better version of themselves and also be apart of a brand/movement of the 21st century. Bit cheesey I know but that’s me, but I know for sure KSFL IS definitely the one for me.
My plans for the future is to have coaches like myself run their own KSFL where ever there is one needed.
I’m so excited to be bringing KSFL to my own little town in Coleshill B46 postcode. I’m so passionate about my clients getting results not just with their weight loss goals but also any other areas of their lives too. So far I’ve helped hundreds of women do just that and I want to help hundred even thousands more. I feel that this is going to be BIG !!! I know KSFL will be the icing on the cake for me.
Thank you so much Rachel for the opportunity!

Welcome to the team Kim we look forward to your launch!

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