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Month: October 2016

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NEW Yorkshire Parkin Bonfire Night Recipe

NEW Bonfire Night KSFL Recipe… Yorkshire Parkin This one is best made atleast 4 days in advance so get making this tonight ready for bonfire night next weekend!! Please let us know if you make our Yorkshire Parkin at home #BonfireBaking Thanks to KSFL Leeds Andrea Riddoch for creating this brilliant recipe!  

Halloween Recipes

Don’t worry Halloween can be KSFL friendly too with our special SPOOKY treats: Happy Halloween!

As an emotional eater, Louise has found she is now less stressed and is now more in control with KSFL

Louise has dropped two dress sizes with KSFL Lincoln. KSFL isn’t just for weight loss for Louise though it’s a much bigger picture and Louise her two daughters and two friends all come together as a big supportive family unit and it’s life changing for them. “After tragic events which turned our lives upside down,

Why you should be eating pumpkin

Pumpkin carving is the most popular activity around Halloween, but do you make the best use of yours? Pumpkin is actually a REALLY healthy food too… read why: 1. Pumpkins are an antioxidant and an anti inflammatory food helping joint health, organ health, stress relief and soft tissue injuries. 2. Pumpkins can help protect the eyes with

Healthy Pizza For The Weekend

I always love to send you a recipe of something I just fancy myself and I was flicking through my cook book images and saw this mouth watering pizza idea. Perfect for a weekend pick and mix. Invite your pals over for X Factor, get a cool Netflix show on and whip up some healthy

Do You Fancy Burger And Chips?

Fancy Burger and Chips Kick Start Fat Loss styleeeee?! Kick Start Family Food 🙂 We really try and make an effort to create “family food” that is easy and simple to create without any frills and above all super healthy. With the kids off school this week here is a FANTASTIC tasty meal idea that may

Why you should be eating more brussels sprouts

When I say “Brussel Sprouts” does it make you think UGH?! For a lot of people these green veg don’t have the best reputation… but today I am going to tell you why you SHOULD be eating them for your health! So what is so good about brussels? •They are high in vitamin C with just

Update from Creator Rachel Holmes

I’ve been in New York this week working with partners on launching Kick Start, The Brainfit Workout™ & Fitness Pilates, and it’s been brilliant even though a little cold and rainy. And last night we launched the new Rachel Holmes Lifestyle Youtube show! I personally feel there is a huge gap for a “real lifestyle show”

Kick Start Member of The Week Winners Christabelle and Louise

  Every week we ask our Kick Start Franchisees to nominate a special member that has been shining in their classes and open the vote to the public to find the winner! The winner then receives a prize and certificate in the post to thank them for all of their hard work!   Here are

New Rachel Holmes Show Launches

Years ago I always wanted to be on TV. Spread the fitness and health message and engage more people with the best and most up to date information, which sadly mainstream TV lacks woefully. I would send my info and treatments and ideas to producers and not get much response. I went to loads of