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How are you getting on with your “GUT HEALING”?
I hope after the Christmas excess you are settling back into
healthy eating and your tummy is feeling less swollen,
inflamed and bloated.

Christmas food is really rough on the gut
but with the right protocol you will be feeling
brilliant again in no time.

BUT ……

If those chocolate and crisps are still lingering
maybe it’s time to take them down to the food bank?

Find your local Kick Start classes and coaches and
see how they can help you this year.

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I’ll be in Lincoln on Saturday, Redditch Sunday
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Come and say HI!

Brilliant Interview with Dr Gabby –
Expert in Women’s Health and Wellness

View it here:

You can watch the interview via youtube
or subscribe to my podcast and listen on the move.

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Have a Healthy Happy Thursday

Love Rachel xxx
Director Kick Start

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