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8 week results stories KSFL Derby with Caroline Hague

Kick Start Derby with Caroline Hague have just finished their 8 week super boost with fantastic results especially on their waist lines, read more: “At the start of the 8 week super boost, the participants were a little mixed in their motivation and mindset. My group was a mixture of working professionals, to mums and

KSFL 5 Simple Nutrition Tips

Nutrition is simple as long as you receive the right information! These 5 simple tips will help you make nutritious healthy options today: Fill up on vegetables. Vegetables are a low calorie/high volume food contain so many vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Aim to vary your greens. Take it easy on the fruit,

Weleda Natural Skin Care Review

Here at KSFL we love Weleda natural skin care and promote natural products as part of a healthy lifestyle; plus they are very local to our HQ in Derbyshire! For our recent event Weleda sent us some beautiful products we just HAD to tell you about:   SKIN FOOD (our favourite) Weleda Skin Food is all-

What happens if you slip up on your healthy eating plan

Are you on one of our Kick Start programmes? It can be so tough to stay on track when family events/ friday night comes around! DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP… Everyone has relapses and it’s all part of the process. The best thing is to pick yourself back up and move on, rather than stressing about

KSFL Home Made Baby Food recipes

Do you ever look at what ingredients are in your baby food and think … hmm I wonder if I could make that but BETTER? Well you can… see these simple recipes below and try it for yourself! It is far better to make your baby food from scratch so you know exactly what they

KSFL Healthy Recipes For Young Children

The nutritional needs of your children is an important subject and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of differing information out there. The food a child eats early on in their life can seriously influence their dietary habits later in life, so it’s important to build those good habits and a healthy relationship with GOOD

How to get your teenager into healthy food

I have been running a free teen specific programme recently and it has been fantastic, it is surprising just how much they get into healthy food once they see how they can feel! Are your teens increasingly getting into junk food? Or are they health conscious and looking for some recipes they will like? We

KSFL Family Food

We know how hard it can be getting the whole family into GOOD FOOD! We think it is all about making it exciting and tasty to suit everyone’s taste buds. Here are a selection of our healthy family favourite recipes that are sure to please the crowd:   Chicken nuggets Apple and blackberry crumble Ice

KSFL Kids Easter Treats

Easter is coming… do you feel surrounded by chocolate/ sugary and processed treats in the shops? Well the good news is you can still treat the family with our HEALTHIER and TASTIER treats instead! These recipes are intended as treats and not for detox, but all the ingredients are natural, and through making them yourself you

Do you know what 1 of your 5 a day looks like?

Recently we have been told it is even 10 a day!!! Well here at KSFL we suggest a balanced and healthy diet full of vegetables and fruit but without the stress of counting up (TOP TIP: if you find taking greens hard then try a green juice!) But DID YOU KNOW what 1 of your 5 a