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KSFL Cambridge Testimonial Rachel enjoyed the group encouragement

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Read today’s fantastic Testimonial from Rachel

“I started attending the Tuesday Pilates class last summer and became aware of the other courses that Kelly and Burwell Fitness run each week. As 2016 drew to a close, I made a big decision that would take me out of the classroom and enable me to sort my health out. My lifestyle as a teacher was becoming more out of control – healthy family meals had slowly become unhealthy and my love of baking just fuelled my sugar intake. Not surprisingly, my weight increased, my cholesterol increased and my general physical well-being was deteriorating – highlighted in January by the diagnosis of plantar fasciitis – inflammation in both feet from my heels to my big toes. Not good when you’re on your feet all day teaching.
I finished teaching at Easter 2017 and stayed to Dance Fit after Pilates the first week of the school holidays; I had such fun even though I was exhausted. This became my new routine to stay to both classes each week. Straight after Easter came the next big change – signing up for KSFL for a 14 day body reset programme.
The first 3-4 days were horrendous – withdrawal from caffeine and sugar were far more difficult than I had imagined. The headaches were dreadful – 1 day was spent laying on the sofa drinking water. Once those first few days were over though, the benefits started to show – I had more energy, I slept all night – I hadn’t done this for years. I now know that this was because of my diet and the stress I was under.
The simple but filling meals from the first set of meal plans enabled me to get my head round not including gluten, sugar or most dairy products. Not having fruit was weird to start with, but I quickly got used to it.
I thought I would miss tea or coffee as I used to drink at least 10 cups a day, but I drink water, sparkling water or peppermint tea. When I had a coffee in France on holiday, I wasn’t bothered by it.
I’m now on the 4/5th programme and am really enjoying the varied meals and the 2 or 3 exercise classes each week. I try to walk each day or get out in the garden to keep me active. My inch loss is motivating me and the weight loss is making me feel so much better. I have just bought a dress 2 dress sizes smaller than I would have needed to buy back in April. My feet are nearly better and my lower back pain which has been ongoing for 13 years is hugely improved. I saw my chiropractor on day 2 back in April and then again in July – she couldn’t believe the difference in my back and shoulders. The complete change in lifestyle has had that much impact.
The support from Kelly, the other course members and the other people at Pilates and Dance Fit has really helped me keep on track. Seeing pictures of other meals and encouraging each other is so important, but it is realistic and honest.”


A big well done to the KSFL Cambridge team


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