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What does nutrition and exercise do to your brain?

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The link between exercise, nutrition and health are no secret.  They include weight-loss, reduced risk of stroke, reduced risk of heart disease, and reduced risk of diabetes and other health problems.  


But did you know that regular exercise may positively impact memory and learning too?  

How Does Exercise and Weight Loss Help the Brain?

Exercise and nutrition impacts sleep, stress and insulin levels in various ways.  Managing insulin levels, reduces inflammation, and helps stimulate the growth of new blood vessels in the brain.  Exercise stimulates the release of growth factors that stimulate new brain cells to develop and help sustain those new brain cells.

Other improvements include mood, sleep, stress, and anxiety.  Working out on a regular basis has been linked to better sleep.  Because physical activity releases endorphins, exercise has also been connected to a better mood!

Numerous studies show that people who exercise regularly have a prefrontal cortex and medial temporal cortex that are larger in volume versus people do not exercise.  Researchers also found that incorporating moderate intensity exercise to your lifestyle for as little as six months may increase the volume of the memory storing areas of the brain.

Just a 10 minute workout a day can improve your brain health!

A HIIT workout is all you need or here are some other ideas:  dancing, swimming, tennis, or jogging.

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