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Tina lost over 12lbs in 3 weeks with Sal Downham Market

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Tina’s results: 12.5 lbs and 10.5 inches lost in 3 weeks. Read her story below:

Sal’s first group in Downham Market have seen fantastic results so far, here is the first from Tina:
“I was a carb heavy, snacker, tea belly 3 weeks ago , this non meat or fish eater is ‘12.1/2lb’ off & 26cms or 10.1/2inches smaller …
I feel energetic, less hormonal & sleeping definitely improved … I found the 1st week tough especially day 3-4 the headache was bad , but since then I have been just feeling better & better . I initially missed the tea the most, but this stopped week two . I tweaked a few things with Sally’s advise like what do I take on a long run to refuel? normally I would use glucose sweets or high sugar protein bars , now I’m using the naked bars. I have absolutely loved the planning , cooking and I’m actually less wasteful if the veg is getting passed its best , in the soup maker it goes ! This week was my attempt at the sprinter I followed it with only one tweak, the power green smoothie needed fruit so I could drink it , I used a mango & really enjoyed it so filling , I found the fasting easy which surprised me, I would definitely use it again maybe after a heavy weekend or holiday ! Right now the hormones…. I’m on HRT patches so this week is the week I swap to a different hormone patch to bring on HRT bleed, during these patches my sweats come back , I’m on patch 2 of 4 and no sweats , I’m so pleased because was due to go on to higher dose in November if it continued….. the last 3 weeks been an absolute learning curve about food , about myself & what I can achieve, I’m so so pleased with my results & I’m going to continue! This groups been brilliant sharing the journey , our ups & downs we are only human, .Thank you so much Sally for this opportunity, you have been brilliant, supportive , motivational & very knowledgable you will make a great consultant & if I can ever help you just ask x”
Thanks to Tina and Sal for sharing your wonderful results! 
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