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60 day results from Kick Start Warlingham

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Lindsay of Kick Start Warlingham has shared with us her fantastic results from her recent 60 day programme this week. The results are brilliant with a group weight loss of over 10 stone WOW!!


Read their stories below:


Lesley: “Well I did it, completed the 8 weeks of healthy eating, I have to say it has changed the way I think of food & certainly myself and I’ve lost 1st 5lbs.
I have not been happy with the way I looked for a very long time, in fact I hated the way I looked, buying new clothes was depressing, the only other time I felt like this about my body was after having my son, at least I had an excuse for the weight gain. I hit 50 this year & it was never in my plans to feel & look the way I did, the menopause has a lot to answer for, early on in the year I was inspired & slightly jealous of Lin Sheldrake’s determination of following KSFL so when the opportunity came up in September I reluctantly signed up, I was panicking to whether I could really give up all the things I loved to eat, well I did it, could I have done more yes definitely Exercise, but with a very demanding job that wasn’t always easy but certainly an area I can work on, as Lindsay would say pick a challenge for the week ? Thank you everybody in the group for the motivating posts, the endless recipe ideas I have never used so many herbs & spices, thank you lin for encouraging me to sign up & a HUGE THANK YOU to Lindsay Williams here’s to next years hols & possibly wearing those ? again ? — feeling proud.”

“I’ve lost a stone and 11 inches all over. Simon (not an official member of the group I realise !) has also lost a stone. He bought some new trousers today….34 inch waist….he was in 38 inch ones previously ! Aside from the weight and inch loss we’ve both benefitted enormously from the KSFL programme…our sleep has improved, our stress levels have reduced, the brain fog has cleared and we both feel great ! We’ve really enjoyed the clean eating too (some of the recipes have become family favourites which all four of us enjoy). I think we definitely have the tools now to incorporate this into our lives going forward. There will be indulgent days and weekends and holidays, days when we fall off the wagon and days when only a G&T will do ! but we now know what to do to get back on track. A big thank you to you and the group for the invaluable support. And I’m now a big fan of green juices !”


Julie: “Regrets about starting KSFL in September, HELL YES…

I should have done it at the beginning of the year and I’m ever so slightly angry with myself for not doing so.
This time last year I was in therapy for PTSD, doing Lindsey’s exhausting classes was my only rest… from thinking.
By the time I rocked up to the launch night (crying most of the way though it), I’d not slept properly for 15 months, I was an utter wreck.

So gains… Sleeping like a baby (and I’d thought I wasn’t sleeping because I was stressed, in fact I was stressed because I wasn’t sleeping). I feel in control again and so much more organised. I’m enjoying cooking and eating (my fussy teenager still hasn’t got used to clean eating, so he covers everything in ketchup). No debilitating period cramps or uncomfortable bloating.
Lost, 12lbs and 11″, I’m dead chuffed with that and yes, I could have done better if I’d not had alcohol at the weekends but I like wine and this had/has to be sustainable for me.

So thank you Lindsey for encouraging me to do this and your support throughout but why didn’t you make me do it sooner? ?
Thanks to everyone else for doing it with me, the team effort, knowing we were all in it together meant I stuck at it.”

Hollie: “So here are my week 1 and week 8. Im so happy with my results and glad I signed up as Ive got back into pre pregnancy clothes which took me nearly a year with my first. After having my second I felt I lost not only control of my weight but maybe the `baby blues` carried on a little longer than last time. I relied on coffee and sugar to get me through the day and nights. Thank you to Lindsay Williams and everyone in the group for all the encouragement and support, I didn’t post much but I did read all the posts which definitely got me through the 8 weeks.”


“It took me a while to decide to commit to this programme as I thought I knew everything there was to know about eating good and bad food. How wrong was I?!
I did it because of my increasing waist/abdomen and also I was becoming so lethargic, not sleeping well and a bit stuck in a rut.
I can honestly say it has completely changed the way I eat.
I now have breakfast every morning and look forward to my big colourful and healthy salad at lunch.
I am not snacking in between because I just don’t feel hungry.
I will be continuing to eat healthy for most of the time, knowing that having the odd treat is absolutely fine, because I never want to go back to how I was eating before.
Thank you for all your support and encouragement.
I may not come to many classes but I have been doing most of your online HTT videos and will be doing weight training from now on.
Thank you again for such an inspirational course I will certainly be recommending it to friends.”


“I never thought I’d send anyone this first photo but as KSFL has taught us we’re all in this together & changes can be made.

I started KSFL in January with an attitude of let’s give it a go. Wow what a change it’s made in my mindset & how much I’ve learned in how I look at food.

I’ve always exercised but now I do the style that suits me best. With Lindsay’s help & choices offered I can do a quick HIIT session at home or group session with loads of motivation.

The KSFL family are a great group & even though we all know what we need to do in the future with the tools we’ve been given. I for one am looking forward to the next KSFL challenge as we achieve more together.

Results for The 60 Day programme 8 is 12lbs & 12inches.

Once again many thanks Lindsay”


My highest achiever weight wise was Gracie who is 19. She lost 2 stone 5 and 26 inches ? and her mum Karen lost 1 st 5lb too!

Well done on all of your fantastic results Kick Start Warlingham !




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