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Kick Start Coach of the Day Fran Orpington

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Who is Fran?

Fran is a Super woman! Fire Fighter, Mum, Grandmother and coach of Flin’s Fitness KSFL Orpington.

Fran’s passionate personality shines through – she juggles all this and still runs an unbelievably successful club where her loyal members and fellow team (including her daughter) create and run successful charity events and thriving classes.

Every year the Aerobathon raises a fantastic amount for charity- see behind the scenes here:


Fran’s social media is buzzing with recipes, motivation and foodie ideas- here is a peek:



Fran’s launches see record numbers through the doors and some of the best KSFL buffets- See behind the scenes of Fran’s 2015 launch event:


Fran launched the new LIFT LEAN live classes following her own transformation earlier this year:

Fran’s Lift Lean Blog:


“There’s that moment when you think ‘enough is enough” …

Mine was this pic on holiday – I realised I was basically a rectangle in shape, with NO waist! I used to have one!!! 

I knew that for the last year or so, I have been lazy …I am a lazy person trapped inside a workaholic’s body! I teach loads of classes, but do just that – teach! Classes are much more about demo-ing a move, then coaching, rather than doing the whole class with the participants in this day and age…

I did no training of my own, and I had also been really lazy with my diet – I love organic and nutritious meals, but supplement with crisps and wine and chocolate – whoops! As KSFL coach for Orpington, I’m only too familiar with my clients struggles!

So back from holiday with a mission to start trialling the new Kick Start Lift Lean Project, before rolling it out to my members …. next thing I knew I had the Orpington Kickstarters gagging to get involved and suddenly we were a gang of 20!

No changing my mind now!

Every day a weights workout at home …I filmed it to stay accountable, and also to give my group alternatives for some exercises if they were suffering injuries, or if they didn’t have all the kit – many just went with a set of dumbbells – there’s always a way!

I set us 16 Days …. got started … cleaned up my nutrition and decided to get up, workout before the day got started and found this suited me – no food in my belly spurred me to get it done & finish. Food was easy….I do it all week anyway – just time to cut out the rubbish!

We went to visit dear friends in the North one week in, for the weekend….there may have been some sociable G & T’s and meals out ?…. oh, and a cheeky mini meringue ……

Never mind! It was all good! So happy with my results pics … belly nearly gone, waist is back!!!

MoJo back!!!”


Fran runs Fitness classes for all abilities check the website www.flinsfitness.co.uk for details, or e-mail  fran@flinsfitness.co.uk.


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