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After having her first child Kelly felt unhappy with how she looked then following that a second child and a big operation meant she had soon put on 15kilos this was when she turned to Kick Start…


I’d always been ‘thin’ and had always told myself that I would never go on a diet because I love my food too much! However, after I had my first child things started to change, I put on a lot of weight and so I had to do my first diet. It was one of those where you don’t eat much, like most diets, and I found it really hard as I tend to eat big portions. Then came my second baby and once again I blew up. However, the biggest shock to my body came 4 years ago when I had to have an emergency operation at the Royal Marsden removing my ovary, Fallopian tube, appendix and a fibroma. This was a major operation and so the recovery was long and I was unable to move much for a long time. I started to put on weight and before I knew it I had put on 15 kilos. The thought of losing it was overwhelming and seemed impossible as I didn’t want to starve myself again. Plus being a single mother means I’m always extremely busy and don’t have much time to exercise. I tried different diets but each time I would finish I’d end up putting even more weight. I had heard about KSFL as my mother and other family members had done it and achieved great results and so in September of last year I decided to join.,I love the fact that I can exercise at home in my own time using the online videos and that I’m not restricted to the small portions. I love cooking so during the weekends I prepare all my homemade KSFL meals for the week for myself and my daughters. I’ve learnt so much about what foods to eat and what not. I’ve learnt a new way of life not just a fat loss diet. Eating this way makes me feel good, I no longer need to take my iBS tablets and I no longer feel bloated, I feel more energetic and have started to sleep better. I’ve achieved great results in 12 weeks, 6.4kilos loss. I intend to continue eating like this for the rest of my life as I couldn’t go back to eating the wrong foods now knowing how badly my body responds to them !


Well done to Kelly and coach Natalie of Kick Start Gibraltar!

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