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Make a List and make it Happen

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Did you know that you are 33% more likely to achieve a task if you write a list??

As part of your spring cleaning why not get organised with lists- here is how to get started:

How will you make your list?

On your phone?

A notepad?

Your laptop?

We personally think there is nothing like a notepad and pen to physically cross off the list but whatever works for you is best!

Sharing is caring

Can you share the tasks to take some of the stress off?

Will the kids help you with the cleaning? Can you share your list at work with colleagues?


Make a priority list and order it so that it doesnt feel such a BIG list- whatever needs doing first put at the top in capitals- maybe split into daily/ weekly tasks?

How about then adding a goal list? These can be Big or small things to work towards.


Be realistic

Don’t add unnecessary pressure. Tackle a small amount each day that is achievable and you will feel far better about it.


Allocate time for each task then you can always go back to it later- also add in details of what you need to do to achieve each part of the list so you don’t miss anything.


If you don’t get your list finished DON’T WORRY – move it over to the next day- you can only do so much in a day and it isn’t something to stress about.

We hope you found this blog helpful- If you want to start your journal then take a look at our Kick Start journal which includes motivation/ recipes/shopping lists/ articles/goal setting and much more CLICK HERE

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