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Month: May 2018

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How Much Water? Story From Minehead with Heather Pring

How Much Water…? A story from Kick Start in Watchet with Heather Pring “A few months ago, I signed-up for a five-week women’s wellness and weight loss programme. Well, something had to be done; over the past few years my weight had gradually increased, to the point where I was heavier that I have ever

Kick Start Warlingham Prime Group Amazing Results

Kick Start Warlingham with Lindsay have had some fantastic results on their Prime health and wellness programme, take a look:   Julie Wenham  I have attached before and after pics and thank you for your inspiration and motivation 😀. My shape is slowly changing and I have lost 15cm so far. I haven’t included weight

Top Tips to Gentle Exercise at Home

Do you struggle to make time for the gym? Do you want a relaxing workout to reduce stress? Try Pilates! Here are my top tips to introducing Pilates at home: Make sure you are in a relaxed and calm space with NO clutter! Wear something comfortable. Take off your socks- bare feet helps you grip

World Avocado Month June

Did you know June is world avocado month? Avocados add a creaminess to dishes plus work great in salads jam packed with vitamin E a nutrient that strengthens the immune system and helps maintain healthy skin. Check out some of our favourite avocado recipes:  

In Season- Juicy Tomatoes

During the Summer tomatoes are very much in season in the UK and come in many variations, read what types you will find in your shops and some great tomato based recipes: PICCOLO Sweet, crisp and firm with an intense flavour. SWEET VINE-RIPENED My favourite- juicy and delicious in soups, stews and sauces. BABY PLUM

Women’s Health, Wellness and Weight Loss with Rachel Holmes Prime Results

We are so proud of the online Kick Start Prime Women’s Health, Wellness and Weight loss group with Coach Rachel Holmes who have just completed the programme.   After 5 weeks of learning about nutrition, hormones and weight loss as well as a day to day food plan and workouts; the team have seen wonderful

Our Favourite Recipes for Cooking With The Kids

Do you love to cook with the kids? It is a great way to get them interested in healthy eating … so here are some recipes you will love to make together:

5 ingredient recipes to make healthy eating easier

5 ingredient recipes are all the rage right now and here are some healthy versions that you can whip up in no time for a healthy meal!

Kick Start Sunday Roast Recipes

We have some amazing Sunday roast recipes to share with you today- and they are KSFL friendly!

Kick Start Healthy Family Dinner Recipes

Do you struggle to get your family to eat healthy food? OUR TOP TIPS: Get the kids involved in making the dinner and they are more likely to enjoy it- plus its a great bonding activity. Make healthy swaps such as sweet potatoes for white potatoes – kids probably won’t even notice! Make everything from