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How Much Water…?

A story from Kick Start in Watchet with Heather Pring

“A few months ago, I signed-up for a five-week women’s wellness and weight loss programme.

Well, something had to be done; over the past few years my weight had gradually increased, to the point where I was heavier that I have ever been. This programme is called Kick-Start. Exactly what I needed: a good firm kick up the rear and a solid push back onto a healthier eating path. And it started a few days after my birthday, so I could pig-out in the sure knowledge that all would come out in the wash.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the need to do things I never thought I would:
Be measured (upper arms, thighs, bust, waist, hips), in front of other people (I could have opted to do this in the privacy of my own home, but the others were OK with it, so…)! I’ve always been scared of acknowledging how big I actually was, and that was when I was much smaller. It was my business, not anyone else’s. I would share things like that when I no longer had to be ashamed of the reality.

Taken photos of myself. Well, I needed a bit of help with this one, so trusted my daughter. No carefully posed creations here. The naked truth. Well not quite. The instructions were bra and pants but that was a step too far, so we stuck with exercise clothes; the same outfit each time, should show changes. The views? Front, back and side.
And, drunk three litres of water each day – that’s right THREE!

My guide on this journey was Heather Pring. Heather is one of those amazing women, who seem so buoyant and full of life, with every base covered. Then you get to know her and realise that, Heather, like the rest of us mortals, has stuff in her life that makes it just as hard as our own; it’s just different.

On the first session I met my co-travellers.

Two lovely ladies (there were three, but one decided this particular journey wasn’t for her). Heather introduced us to a new style of eating – Low Carb; High Fat. We could eat pretty much what we wanted but, we should have three meals a day, with protein in each, lots of fresh leafy green vegetables and, the all important good fats: olive oil (not for cooking), coconut oil and butter from grass-fed cows. All sugar, other dairy and gluten should be avoided, at least for the initial two weeks. Later, we learned that, depending on how our bodies reacted to so these and other foods, we could consider leaving them out of our diets for good.

That may sound a bit draconian but believe me, it isn’t. The great thing is, I learnt why we were trying these ideas and foods, and cutting out others. Heather stressed that this was our eating journey so, once we understood how different foods affected our bodies, we would be able to decide what to include or leave out in the future. It’s all about listening to your body.

An important part of the programme is exercise, and this is where I struggled. Not because I don’t exercise. I have a dog and we spend most of my spare time walking; the more hills the better. But, just before the first session, I injured my knee. Not sure how. Could have been gardening. Anyway, I thought it was healed and stayed on the Heather’s Body Blitz class (which is part of the programme). Big mistake! No, my knee was not healed, and I made it worse. I didn’t listen attentively enough to my body. And I let my pride get in the way!
So, where am I now?

I’ve finished the initial four-weeks that included 5 sessions with Heather and oodles of online support. The major shock of how much water I should drink turned out not to be a problem. I load-up a two-litre container every morning, which I keep in the fridge. Have a large mug of warm water first thing and take 700 ml to work with me. Simples! I often have even more than that. And, no, I don’t spend every spare minute on the loo!
The diet? It’s great. Not really a diet, although you can get scientific and count calories etc. if that’s your thing. It’s not mine; I prefer a laid-back approach that fools my ego into thinking I’m not actually dieting.

I’ve discovered green smoothies – Spinach, kale, avocado, bit of pineapple, bit of banana and almond milk (or any other combination you fancy but keep the fruit to a minimum because of the sugar content).

As a meat-eater, protein at every meal is a doddle but, there are plenty of meat-free suggestions available in the support material.

Bacon and eggs for breakfast – no problem. I discovered, I could quickly scramble a few eggs and heap them on a plate with some raw spinach (something green with your first meal is important, as it counters acidity in the body) – much nicer than it sounds.

Soups, smoothies, salads for lunch; the possibilities are endless.

And, I can still have butter with my veg. It’s something my mother always did, so I grew up with it and hate non-buttered veg with a passion.

Ah, I hear you ask…is it working?

Well, over the four weeks, my cumulative inch-loss (bust, waist, hips thighs and upper arms all added together) was 14 inches, and the scales report that I’ve lost a whole stone!
I know, that means I had an awful lot to lose but, I’m now happy to talk about it. Still not sure about the pictures though!

Am I continuing…?
What do you think? Absolutely!

This programme has given me the tools I need, not only to get my body in shape, but to make sure it stays that way. It’s manageable: once I get where I want to be (not sure where that is yet but, there’s a really nice dress in my wardrobe that it would be nice to get back into!), I can relax a bit, knowing that I can step it up again if and when I need to.

Added to which, I still have exercise in my took-kit. My knee is improving, slowly. When It’s properly healed, I will be able to resume strenuous walking, and I’m determined to get to Heather’s Body Blitz class and join in properly.”


What a fantastic testimonial Thank you Heather Pring!

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