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Kick Start Top Tips for Working out in the Heatwave

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We asked our Kick Start Coaches:

“What are your top tips for working out in the heat?”

Natalie Hill KSFL Gibraltar

This ones for me as 30+ most July and August!
1. Workout VERY first thing in the morning as energies higher and temp cooler at that time.
2. Drink 3-4 litres per day
3. Wear light baggy clothing like a vest and some shorts – tight stuff will make you hotter
4. Take water with you wherever you go
5. Even though muscles work better in warmer temps, always stretch before and after workouts!

Liz Lane KSFL Maidenhead

Increase water intake
Workout early morning if possible
Adjust your impact level and intensity accordingly – use your common sense!
Have fun, enjoy and take a towel!

Chris Tuck KSFL West Wickham

Workout in the morning for HiiT
Keep hydrated
Have regular rests if its hot
Or change your mode of fitness from HIIT to Pilates or swimming
Wear suitable clothing

Don’t let the weather put you off exercising!! The benefits of exercise are too important for you to stop.

Sarah Hogan KSFL Lincoln

Keep hydrated loads of water!
Lessen the intensity of your workout it’s a great time to perhaps try something new like Fitness Pilates or Yoga. The heat will really help your muscles during stretch time!!!
Get outside for a walk!
Enjoy it have fun in the sun!! Xx


Thanks team for your great answers!

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