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Do You Need A Mindset Reboot? The Kick Start Newsletter

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 The Kick Start Wellness Newsletter

Mindset Reboot

What does it mean?

I can give you the meal plan, the food prep, the daily motivation, the accountability, I can send you daily workouts to do at home, encourage you, help you and support you on your health and fitness journey…. all of that is here (I’ve added a Fitness Pilates workout for you to do at home this week)


What if you really want the results.

You really want to feel fitter, healthier and happier


You can’t seem to stop mindless eating, emotional eating, eating sugary foods that play havoc with your hormones and mood. and then beating yourself and feeling angry at yourself.

This pattern then becomes a habit which you keep repeating day after day.

How do you take that first step?

By having a  MindSet Reboot.

Reflect on your lifestyle and understand your own personal health and fitness journey doesn’t have to be overwhelming, difficult or intense or hard. It can be a FAB exciting experience.

Just take it one day at a time.

24 hours at a time.

Today aim for 2 litres of water, 3 balanced healthy meals, no snacking and closing your kitchen after dinner tonight.

Keep it simple.

Identify today how many times you default into mindless eating when you are not hungry…….are you eating because you are experiencing little bouts of “micro stress”

It could be tiny little things that set off your cortisol, stress and anxiety – the dog barking, the kids arguing, you running out of time…. anything in fact…….

And what is your default in these circumstances?

Eat something – to sooth, make you feel better temporarily?

If that’s you – notice today how many times through the day you are compelled to eat something when you are not hungry….

or are you a nighttime nibbler……..

Being aware of the times you are vulnerable is key to changing the habit and replacing that habit with a new one.

Let me know if that helps.

I address mindless eating and unnecessary snacking on the ELEVATE Live High Performance Women’s Weightless and Wellness  Programme which starts on Monday 4th March 

Click here for the details

Have a wonderful Wednesday 

Best Wishes



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