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January Nutrition Webinars Sale

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NUTRITION Webinars on Sale… train to offer your clients nutrition coaching today!

Do you need some inspiration for your new year health and nutrition courses?

Check out my best selling webinars all on sale this week. (Starting 4th January 2023)


How To Create A Common Sense Nutrition Plan For Your Online Programmes

How To Create A Common Sense Nutrition Programme

Step by Step how to create your online nutrition plan


Use code: Jan


Strategies & Tips To Overcome Stress & Emotional Eating

*Do you or your clients struggle with stress eating, emotional, and mindless eating?

With the best will in the world even when you know exactly what to eat why do we sabotage our healthy eating plans.

What strategies can we put in place on a daily basis to help understand and overcome these challenges?

Stress eating effects everyone Fitpros and clients, we naturally turn to food to self soothe and for comfort without even realising it.

I’ve created a simple plan you can follow and share with your clients who want to thrive and replace stressful, mindless eating with healthier behaviors.




Use code:Jan


Weight loss & Nutrition During The Menopause Webinar

*How to modify nutrition for weightless during the menopause.

*What to eat during menopause 

*How to advise and coach menopausal clients


Code: Jan


🚨 Rachel Holmes studio LIVE Membership 

Join me for daily workouts

You get:

✔️Live classes with me 7 days a week all available on replay in the members area on Kickstartfatloss.net

✔️ Daily Walkfit™ classes 

✔️3 live Masterclasses every week

✔️Talks & workshops

✔️Access to my Menofit™ challenges, Sprint Programmes, Walkfit™, Brainfit™, Hot Peri’s, Sit Fitness, Flex, Common Sense Nutrition Challenges, Lift Lean™, Sit Fitness™Healthy Habits.

✔️Recipes, Nutrition, Healthy Living,

✔️Access to the RH Members area on Kickstartfatloss.net 

✔️Amazing community in my private Facebook Group

✔️Access the workouts and talks via Youtube and the members area if not on Facebook.

✔️RH workout app



7 days £20 



Month £30



Annual £299




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