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Full body resistance and cardio workout

Resistance Bands are AWESOME for Training – They are super portable and easy to use and you get an amazing workout and this is wicked workout with some innovative cool moves plus you get your heart rate UP! HIT SUBSCRIBE Would you like me to film more workouts with resistance bands? Pop me a comment!

Fitness Pilates Standing to Floor

Try my Fitness Pilates Standing To Floor workout It’s only 14 minutes and is a beautiful functional flow.   I upload most days and I LOVE to connect with people who love Pilates and all kinds of Group Exercise. Please leave me a comment as I’d LOVE to hear from you. Hit SUBSCRIBE For daily

Fitness Pilates Hip & Thigh Workout With The Mini Ball

Hands up who loves FITNESS PILATES! YEAH. A modern forward-thinking approach to Pilates matt. This is a wonderful and highly effective little workout using the mini ball. Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Would you like to teach Fitness Pilates? Head over to my website for all the course details and

Low Impact Leg Exercises

20 Low Impact Leg Exercises With Rachel Holmes If you suffer with bad knees or just was an easier workout that still works the legs… this is for you! Don’t forget to subscribe!   ✅For more workouts and an exclusive 15% discount off our online programmes- sign up to the newsletter: Kick Start Newsletter Sign

What is Lift Lean All About?

What is Lift Lean? Lift Lean is a time efficient weight training workout, Created by Rachel Holmes, set to timed music (by Pure Energy) designed to fit into the busiest of schedules. “I designed and trialled the concept in 2017 and have had amazing results with my clients. Strength training using weights, barbells, kettlebells and

HOME LIFT LEAN Full Body Workout With 1 Weight

Short on time? Want Great Results? Change the shape of your body, improve your fitness and seriously improve your mental cognition and focus try my LIFT LEAN series of Workouts.   Lift Lean is a fascinating series of workouts and mindset coaching helping you become more focused, productive, happy and getting the maximum out of

HOME WORKOUT Lift Lean Full Body 12 minute Workout Total Body Conditioning No Equipment

Are you ready for a full body conditioning workout today?   ✅LIFT LEAN is a phenomenal workout programme for women. ✅Are you struggling with mid section weight gain that won’t shift? ✅Do you want to increase muscle tone, definition, strength, fitness and endurance? ✅Are you struggling to do high impact workouts due to joint pain?

Fitness Pilates Standing Routines Glutes & Posterior Chain Workout

MORE Fabulous Fitness Pilates Ideas for your glutes and posterior chain. Let me know what you think?   I love to hear from you please lave a comment. Hit SUBSCRIBE For daily workouts, choreography, freestyle, Fitness Pilates and so much more!!!!!!

Hips & Thigh Workout With Mini Band

Hit the HIPS & THIGHS HIIT style with this super fast highly effective workout too with the mini band.   This is fantastic for all levels an is modifiable if you have any injuries or just starting out on your fitness journey. Hit SUBSCRIBE For daily workouts, choreography, freestyle, Fitness Pilates and so much more!!!!!!

Fast Abs & Core HIIT Workout For All Abilities

Timesaver super core workout to work your midsection in record time? Feeling fit then repeat the whole thing x2. This is a functional approach to training your abs and core and is suitable for all abilities.   I LOVE to hear from you so let me know what you think? Leave a comment and subscribe