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Fitness Pilates Wrist and Hand Mobility Workout with Rachel Holmes

Hand and Wrist Mobility Workout   Hand and Wrist Mobility is a crucial part of over all health and this short workout helps mobilise, stretch and strengthen the hands and wrists. Perfect to do a class before weight bearing exercise.   Would you like to train in Fitness Pilates or Level 3 Pilates? Check out

Fitness Pilates Standing to Floor

Try my Fitness Pilates Standing To Floor workout It’s only 14 minutes and is a beautiful functional flow.   I upload most days and I LOVE to connect with people who love Pilates and all kinds of Group Exercise. Please leave me a comment as I’d LOVE to hear from you. Hit SUBSCRIBE For daily

Fitness Pilates Hip & Thigh Workout With The Mini Ball

Hands up who loves FITNESS PILATES! YEAH. A modern forward-thinking approach to Pilates matt. This is a wonderful and highly effective little workout using the mini ball. Leave a comment and let me know what you think! Would you like to teach Fitness Pilates? Head over to my website for all the course details and

Fitness Pilates Standing Routines Glutes & Posterior Chain Workout

MORE Fabulous Fitness Pilates Ideas for your glutes and posterior chain. Let me know what you think?   I love to hear from you please lave a comment. Hit SUBSCRIBE For daily workouts, choreography, freestyle, Fitness Pilates and so much more!!!!!!

Fitness Pilates For Tense & Tight Shoulders

Do you suffer from tense and tight shoulders? Try my Fitness Pilates For tight shoulder workout or add these into your Fitness Pilates sessions.   What is Fitness Pilates? Fitness Pilates is a group exercise class that focuses on the body as a human kinetic chain. By applying the fundamental Pilates technique and exercises Fitness

Manchester Fitpro Festival October 2018 with Rachel Holmes

The MANCHESTER  FitPro Fitness Festival was a fantastic event!  A big thank you to those who came and joined us on Friday 19th October for an evening of wellness and workouts at the Waterside Hotel in Didsbury. The event was hosted by Rachel Holmes, International fitness professional of over 30 years. The evening was for

FP Love Marrying Movement with Positive Affirmations

I love this workout- relaxing movement combined with positive affirmations.   As always I love to hear from you so please comment and subscribe to my channel! Fitness Pilates LOVE WORKOUT from Rachel L Holmes on Vimeo. 👋Hey are you on my mailing lists? ✅For Fitness Pilates Instructors: https://www.choreographytogo.com/fitness-pilates-newsletter/ ✅For Nutrition/ health/ wellness/ fitness from

Fitness Pilates One Weight Standing Workout

Adding one weight to your standing Fitness Pilates workout brings a whole new functional dimension to FP practice.   I’d LOVE to know what you think and hear your feedback.   Please leave a comment and let me know and of course subscribe to my channel.   Would you like to train to become a

Fitness Pilates For Bad Backs 11 MInute Workout

Are you struggling with back pain or do you need to strengthen your back and improve your posture? Try my Fitness Pilates For Bad Backs Workout. It’s only 11 minutes and you will see huge differences very quickly. Fitness Pilates is a functional modern approach to Pilates. Would you like to train as a Pilates

Fitness Pilates Lifestyle Posterior Chain Strenghtening Workout

Fitness Pilates Lifestyle Posterior Chain Strenghtening Here is your workout of the day – a strengthening Fitness Pilates Posterior Chain workout- I hope you enjoy it- as always I love to hear from you so please let me know if you join in on the workouts!   Do you want to teach Fitness Pilates? Learn