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Do you suffer from tense and tight shoulders? Try my Fitness Pilates For tight shoulder workout or add these into your Fitness Pilates sessions.


What is Fitness Pilates?

Fitness Pilates is a group exercise class that focuses on the body as a human kinetic chain.

By applying the fundamental Pilates technique and exercises Fitness Pilates aims to offset musculoskeletal imbalances, improve posture, movement quality, mobility, flexibility, mental cognition, core strength, form and function in a non-intimidating, highly accessible and enjoyable way.

The aim of Fitness Pilates is to identify basic postural and movement imbalances and through Pilates exercises and breath: *Increase muscular balance and strength. *Improve clients posture. *Facilitate the clients’ ability to optimally function occupationally and recreationally. *Improve core strength. *Improve mental cognition. *Fitness Pilates aims to education learners in Pilates techniques with a modern and contemporary style.

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