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HAPPY 1st December – Pilates, Meditation, Destress & Healthy Christmas Nutrition

I’ve just uploaded the 14 day healthy eating plan and new Fitness Pilates Back Mobility workout plus a home Brainfit Workout for Day 1into the Facebook Group. YOU can still jump in 🙂 Online Fitness Pilates For Christmas Programme with 14 Fitness Pilates, Brainfit, Meditation, Foam Rolling home workouts and a special Kick Start Christmas

Food quality and the effect on weight loss

I hope you are having a wonderful Summer? I’m away in Turkey at the moment and it is so hot….over 38 degrees. Here, there is an abundance of beautiful fresh veg and fruits on the buffet and it’s quite easy to eat really healthy. How Important Is the Quality of the Food You Eat? This

New Simple Summer Treat Recipes To Make In 5 Minutes

2 EASY recipes to make in under 5 minutes- and child friendly too!

NEW Healthy Summer Recipes From KSFL

You wouldn’t believe some of these recipes are healthy!!! Summer is a great time to swap out your hearty wintery meals for fresh and light creations; bright and colourful! Try our recipes below:   Do you want to take the stress out of cooking? Try our Kick Start Kitchen food boxes delivered to your door

Halloween Recipes

Don’t worry Halloween can be KSFL friendly too with our special SPOOKY treats: Happy Halloween!

Monday Motivation Tips for a Successful Day

Did you have a great weekend? Hands up if you have just written (or are about to) the longest “To-Do-List”in the universe, as it’s “Get Back On it Monday” Have you bounced out of bed & thought… “Right….this week I’m going to…. ” Be SO Healthy, Workout every day, Meditate every da Do my 10,000

Kick Start Cajun Chicken Recipe From The 10 Minute Recipe Book

I hope you enjoy this simple and spicy Cajun Chicken Recipe from my 10 minute recipe book. This is totally different and me and my team agreed it would be awesome buffet food! Happy Cooking 🙂 Share your thoughts with us @KSFLUK   Pick up the recipe book HERE

We LOVE Local Produce

Do you love supporting local produce and enjoy the fantastic quality and taste? We do too! But the accessibility of supermarkets means we sometimes reach off the shop shelves instead…    Local produce can have far better benefits to your health, providing fresher, less processed and quality food. Do you want to get local but

Why are courgettes so good for you?

At this time of year the shelves are stocked with courgettes and they make a great summery addition to any dish. We like to use courgettes as faux pasta/noodles and toppings for salads… but the question we often get asked is WHY are they so good?   Courgettes have a very high water content just like

KSFL tips to survive the #heatwave

The Summer is here and WOW you would think you were in Spain right now! Are you struggling in the heat? Clammy, sticky and uncomfortable? Here are my top tips to get through it and enjoy the heatwave!  •Hydrate well all through the day, take water with you ensuring it is always available especially when exercising.