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I hope you are having a wonderful Summer? I’m away in Turkey at the moment and it is so hot….over 38 degrees.

Here, there is an abundance of beautiful fresh veg and fruits on the buffet and it’s quite easy to eat really healthy.

How Important Is the Quality of
the Food You Eat?

This is a BIG BIG Topic
but if you are eating
lots of meat, fish, fruit & vegetables and
you are still
are NOT at your goals…..

It could be time to
take your nutrition
to the next level.

Maybe your fatloss has plateaued or
you are still feeling inflamed with niggly
health problems?

Well, If you consume cheaper
supermarket or many restaurant meat that has been
factory farmed or veg that has been sprayed by
an array of pesticides to maintain it’s shelf-life
……then you are consuming the
pesticides that
have been used
on the meat and sprayed on the crops.

Studies suggest that every one
of us in the western world
may take in around 4.5 litres of
pesticides a YEAR!


It really is shocking!

What Can You Do?

1: Buy Organic.

2: Buy from your local farm shop.

3: Be a food detective & find out from your butcher
what the animals have been fed on & how they
have been reared.

4: Go for grass fed meat if possible.

5: Keep rotating your meats and fishes
and eat a wide variety of various cuts of meat.

6: Eat fruit and veg that is in season or even grow your own.

Let me know what you think?

It’s fascinating.

Kick Start is not just about dropping
those inches but improving your
brain function, your energy levels
and your health.

These are MASSIVE benefits.

Health is KEY & nutrition is the
absolute cornerstone to
health and well being.

I’d love to hear your comments

Love Rachel xxx

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