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Are you female aged 35 or over?

Are you a female over 35? Do you want more? More cutting edge information on: •Nutrition •Exercise •Sleep •Hormonal Health •Gut Health •Mindset Coaching •Mental Health •Finding your passion •Creating an income online •Personal Development •Business Development •Time Management. •Life hacking •Beauty Treatments and Products •Anti Ageing Treatments and Information •Skin I am creating a

Friday round up 8/7/16

Well what a week! KSFL HQ have been super busy with the new Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire project while the Franchisees have had some amazing results in their live classes! Read more:   Chris Tuck of KSFL West Wickham KSFL WestWickham Live Club – We have just finished Week 1 of the 4 Week Summer Shape

What do you eat for breakfast?

Today we posed the question… What do you eat for breakfast?…Welcoming the Wellness Stars! The KSFL Franchisees have clubs throughout the UK and are full of nutritional knowledge… so we thought… let’s SHARE this knowledge!   Sindy Matthews KSFL Banbury Always kick off the day with a protein rich breakfast and tonnes of greens of a veggie

The Revolution is HERE

I am so happy to announce the release of my NEW BOOK Kick Start Fat Loss The Revolution! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed making it! This book is all about becoming EMPOWERED with up to date information on weight loss and transforming your health! Kick Start Fat Loss The Revolution

Kick Start Pop Up Diary Week 2

Monday 9th Detox The detox group are doing so well, losing weight and feeling FANTASTIC! Tuesday 10th Total abs and Physique NG1! Tonight we worked hard on those abs with a new Physique NG1 workout to follow! Wednesday 11th Tonight was a team teach with the HIIT CHALLENGE which got everyone sweating ready for Freestyle

Balancing Body Breakfast Juice From Kick Start Fat Loss

Here is another one of our famous Juices. This is The Balancing Body Breakfast Juice and its a wonderful Juice to start your day with. You can whizz this up in a juicer / blender I have a Vitamix which really does the trick Have a go an see what you all think?   Who

Young Mum Ditches The Junk Food For KSFL

Junk food loving Mum ditched the junk with KSFL Sophie (27) Mum to a little boy aged two, saw some unflattering pictures of herself over Christmas and felt she needed to change. Sophie who attends Helen Pybus Kick Start Fat Loss Classes in Lowestoft & has coached Lesley Gooch who has lost over 10 stone

Double Nut Dark Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Frosting

OMG How amazing does this look? Perfect For An Easter Cake     Double nut dark chocolate cake with fresh strawberry frosting…. mouth watering…isn’t it???At the end of the day CAKE is CAKE… and you should not eat the whole thing!!…but simply by substituting flour and sugar with almond flour and honey you can make

Have You Got A Nutri Bullet Yet?

The UK has gone CRAZY for Nutri Bullets and over at Kick Start we have been blending, mixing & juicing a fab selection of vegetables. Remember GO EASY ON THE FRUIT or you are creating a serious sugar bomb that will increase your waist line in days. It’s all about the veggies people! Perfect for