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Do you know what 1 of your 5 a day looks like?

Recently we have been told it is even 10 a day!!! Well here at KSFL we suggest a balanced and healthy diet full of vegetables and fruit but without the stress of counting up (TOP TIP: if you find taking greens hard then try a green juice!) But DID YOU KNOW what 1 of your 5 a

Eversfield Organic Bone Broth

Recently I have been talking all about Bone Broth and why including it in your daily nutritional plan can improve your health. Bone broth is said to help repair the gut lining and improve the digestion and hormonal balance in the body. I reviewed Eversfield Organic Farm’s Osius pre made broths to see how bone broth can fit into

The Tisserand Wellbeing Challenge Week 1 Wellbeing Body Oils

Welcome to my Tisserand Wellbeing Challenge, 4 weeks of 100% natural aromatherapy product reviews. These products have changed my life and I hope they can help you too! Wellbeing Body Oils: Sweet Dreams, De-Stress & Muscle Ease I love these Tisserand Body Oils, they are 100% natural with health boosting properties and work wonders as

Why Eat Organic According To The Soil Association

Here at KSFL we promote eating organic and natural products as much as possible and this is why: Organic is all about working with nature and promoting higher levels of animal welfare, lower levels of pesticides, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers PLUS more sustainable management of the land which is great for wildlife. Organic

We LOVE Local Produce

Do you love supporting local produce and enjoy the fantastic quality and taste? We do too! But the accessibility of supermarkets means we sometimes reach off the shop shelves instead…    Local produce can have far better benefits to your health, providing fresher, less processed and quality food. Do you want to get local but

COCONUT OIL BACK and 10% Discount

   10% DISCOUNT TODAY All SIZES of The very best quality Kick Start Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil 2 sizes – 420g & 940g     Bulk BUY for super deal and use the promo code   COCONUT   to get 10% Discount on your order    Sunday 31st July only 🙂     

A new look for Live Lean UK

  We are always shouting about our partners Live Lean UK who offer the highest quality in grass fed meat… well now they are offering MORE organic products which we are thrilled about. Please see below the new organic editions to their selection which will be a great help to us here at Kick Start

The NEW Kick Start Virgin Coconut Oil and it’s benefits

THE NEW KICK START VIRGIN COCONUT OIL   Coconut Oil is now widely known to provide many health benefits and as a highly nutritious health food. Coconut oil can be used in cooking, beauty and medicine. At Kick Start we use Coconut Oil to cook daily and in most of our recipe books; so we