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Kick Start Banana & Date Tea Loaf

Another fab recipe idea from the Kick Start Sweet Treats Book Thanks for all the feedback on the recipes:-) I’m so glad you are all enjoying them! Please feel free to share these on your social media. Have a great day Tweet me @RachelHolmes @KickStartFatLoss   Get the Sweet Treats Cook BOOK for £5.99

Roxy Improves Type 1 Diabetes With KSFL

KSFL Improves Type 1 Diabetes for Roxy Banbury resident and type 1 diabetes sufferer Roxy Hoare was horrified to hear that her Hba1c (an average blood sugar result) had risen from 8.2 to 9.3, during her October (2014) biannual check up. As an average, this was the highest Roxy had ever been and admittedly she

Double Nut Dark Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Frosting

OMG How amazing does this look? Perfect For An Easter Cake     Double nut dark chocolate cake with fresh strawberry frosting…. mouth watering…isn’t it???At the end of the day CAKE is CAKE… and you should not eat the whole thing!!…but simply by substituting flour and sugar with almond flour and honey you can make

Have You Got A Nutri Bullet Yet?

The UK has gone CRAZY for Nutri Bullets and over at Kick Start we have been blending, mixing & juicing a fab selection of vegetables. Remember GO EASY ON THE FRUIT or you are creating a serious sugar bomb that will increase your waist line in days. It’s all about the veggies people! Perfect for

Episode 10 – ALL Sugars ARE Equal

All SUGARS – Even So Called “Healthy Sugars & Sweeteners” Are Equal Sugar is a confusing little devil. It sneaks into so much of our food and we don’t even realise it. What is important to understand is that the body treats ALL sugar in the same way. Even the so called “Healthy Sweetners” like

Episode 8 Join the FatLoss Revolution

If you are trying everything: Eating healthy. Training. Going to the Gym but STILL struggling with weight issues then I have the answers for you     Launching the new Kick Start 30 Day Vegetarian Programme   The 30 day Kick Start YOUR Fat Loss Vegetarian Programme by Rachel Holmes   A glossy cover spiral

Episode 5 – Sugar Impact

    The effects of sugar. Its in EVERYTHING so many foods all hidden away and not clearly labelled. For those of you who did my No Sugar September how are you coping with all the chocolates, treats & yummy Christmas food.? Do you just GO FOR IT and eat everything or do you put

Going Gluten Free

  We hear a lot of chat about Gluten. A whole food section has developed in supermarkets aimed at those with Gluten intolerances. But how does Gluten affect us? And why should WE all go gluten free if we want fatloss,  be free from health niggles and have improved brain function.   Here is the

Fast Fact to Fat Loss – Kick Start For Beginners

Add your email for up to the minute info on KSFL diet & detox, Juicing, Fatloss tips, Home Workouts,                    Here are my 10 Steps To Eating The Kick Start Lifestyle 1. STOP eating sugar -including fruit juices and sports drinks that contain HFCS, honey, and agave – the body treats all of

The Latest Kick Start Quick Tips To Get Lean – & Stay Lean Over Christmas!

Here are some super quick tips to getting lean & maintaining all of your hard work through December. It’s so tempting to say…… “Oh its Christmas I’ll eat……xyz”(Anything & Everything) But, YOU have worked so hard all year on your nutrition, fitness & mindset don’t mess it up instead,you can sail through Christmas by just