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Kelly’s Chickpea Brownies Recipe

Our delicious recipe of the day is from Kelly Ravenscroft Kick Start Sutton Coldfield today. You have to try these they are so tasty and healthier too: Ingredients: • 1 Can Chickpeas • 30g melted butter • 100ml honey • 2 eggs • 1/2 tsp baking powder • 100g cacao How to: Pop all the

Lets Set The Scene For a Positive, Healthy & Productive Week Ahead

 Lets Set Is littleness & thinking small trapping you? You are never a victim. If you don’t like something, you really do have the power to change it. You can walk away. Leave it behind. Create something new. Change direction. Try a new nutrition programme. Take a new class. In Fact. Start Over. We are

Kick Start Healthy Ice Cream

Although the sun is not shining in the UK this week, The kids are on hols and Ice Cream always plays a part in British summertime.   Usual shop “stuff” is packed with sugar, processed ingredients & pretty inflammatory causing so why don’t you make your own?   I have to tell you I didnt

Kick Start Workout Of The Day & Detox Salmon Salad

Are you up for our Kick Start Workout Of The Day ? If so check the page daily for your workout and perform it as quickly as you can with good form and post your time on the FAcebook.com/KickStartFAtLoss If you are an instructor and teaching HIIT today why not do this as a warm

Happy Healthy BBQing KSFL Style

    Its SUNNY. Its HOT. Its BBQ time! YAH! Here a quick guide to cooking super duper healthy meat BBQ stylee… When BBQing on an open flame or grill meat tastes A-MAZING.. BUT.. Theres always a but.. When the fat from the meat hits the coals it creates inflammation causing HCA’s & PAH’s What

Is Your Saucepan Effecting Your Thyroids?

Are you ready for some new Pans? If you are clean eating & taking care with your  nutrition, I wonder if you stop to think much about the pots, pans & cookware you use? Non-stick cookware & bakeware has become enormously popular because its so convenient . Foods slide right off, reducing the amount of

Why We Love The Kick Start Ketogenic Diet For Health & Fatloss

What Is a Ketogenic Diet & Why We Love Ketones on Kick Start Fat Loss. There is lots of chat and talk about Ketogenic diets at the moment. You may have seen the word on blogs & social media but maybe you are not too sure exactly what it means. The great news is that