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Create your Women’s Health and Fitness online programme today

  Do You Want To Offer  Online Women’s Health & Fitness Programmes? Have you hit the ceiling for teaching live classes? Both Financially and Physically? There is a limit to want you can do and earn teaching face to face. The way to reach more people and increase your income is to offer online complimentary

Kick Start Newsletter 17th September 2019 

Kick Start Newsletter 17th September 2019  Is your busy life getting in the way of your health goals? If you are struggling to get to a class or too shattered by the end of the day to make it to the gym. Working out at home is a real option, no travelling, no booking classes

The Kick Start Newsletter New Week Let’s Go!

  Kick Start Newsletter 1st September Good Morning  It’s going back to school week and getting back to normal week with  new healthy goals. Today is a great opportunity to head down to Lidl and Aldi and load up on your food shop and start planning a healthy week of meals. I’ve included the Juice

The Last Week Of Elevate is Here!

There is only 1 week to go on ELEVATE A massive well done to our team on seeing through the whole programme, you have all had amazing results, worked so hard and motivated each other every day and it has been an absolute pleasure! I cant wait to see the final results but here are

What is Lift Lean All About?

What is Lift Lean? Lift Lean is a time efficient weight training workout, Created by Rachel Holmes, set to timed music (by Pure Energy) designed to fit into the busiest of schedules. “I designed and trialled the concept in 2017 and have had amazing results with my clients. Strength training using weights, barbells, kettlebells and

New Online Workouts, Choreography & Kick Start Updates

Good Morning  How are you? Hope you are well and feeling fit and vibrant? If you are looking for a workout boost I have opened up an Online Fitness Studio where I am posting workouts every day up to Christmas. It’s a great accountability group if you want to increase your fitness levels and I’m posting a

Fitness Pilates One Weight Standing Workout

Adding one weight to your standing Fitness Pilates workout brings a whole new functional dimension to FP practice.   I’d LOVE to know what you think and hear your feedback.   Please leave a comment and let me know and of course subscribe to my channel.   Would you like to train to become a

Rachel Holmes Talks Nutrition in Sutton Coldfield

Last night Kelly Ravenscroft of Kick Start Sutton Coldfield held an information evening with special Guest Rachel Holmes, The Creator of Kick Start. Last night was the sixth time Kelly has held an open evening and invited people along for free to hear Rachel Holmes the creator of Kick Start speak. And they are always

Rachel Holmes quick tips for getting your workout in even if you are the busiest person

The schools are back and normal life is slowly resuming after a brilliant summer☀️ Therefore if you are using today as an opportunity to begin “thinking” 🤔about your return to fitness and getting back on the health train I’ve added some simple home 🏡😍workouts you can easily begin this week on my IGTV  and YOUTUBE. For

Kick Start Lift Lean 9 Online With Rachel Holmes AMAZING Results

So we have completed ROUND 9 Lift Lean online with Rachel Holmes would you believe?! Some of our team have been with us since round 1 which is fantastic while others have joined along the way – overall we have been getting fantastic results and we can’t wait to share them with you today. The