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More Great Results From Kick Start

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Accountant turns to Kick Start Fat Loss to seek results.

Married Rebecca, (36), was working out around three times a week, using multiple methods to improve her body – in particular working on her core area.
She found that these methods were not helping her achieve the results she was hoping for.
However, after meeting with Laura of Kick Start Fat Loss, whilst attending a ‘Labfitness’ class, Rebecca was told of the nutrition education element that Kick Start Fat Loss classes have to offer.

Within a week of practicing KSFL education and under Laura’s tutelage, Rebecca found here core area was much less bloated and that she could actually see some muscle definition.

Rebecca said: “Before trying the KSFL nutrition education I was eating porridge for breakfast, snacking on fruits and nuts, whole-wheat pasta for dinner etc.”

“It was only through the education, that I discovered that these in fact were not healthy food choices.”

On a typical day since starting the KSFL detox for the second time, Rebecca eats food recommended on KSFL’s nutrition education programme, and she is pleased with her recent results.

Rebecca Continued: “I feel so much better when I eat clean.”

“I found it hard to give up porridge for breakfast but now I have eggs every morning and find no need to snack now before lunch, especially as the eggs keep me full until lunch.”

“KSFL way of life gives me so much more energy and Laura is an amazing instructor. KSFL has made me so much more confidence in my appearance!” 



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