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It is all about the SQUAT

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What do Squats do for us?

If you do it right it will tone your bum and thighs!

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A squat uses multiple muscle groups so is a fantastic move to target multiple areas such as the glutes, quads, quadriceps and hamstrings!
Squats also strengthen bones, ligaments and tendons which is important in supporting your day to day activity.
How to do a good squat!

Make sure you don’t:
Arch your back.
Lean back.

Make sure you do:
Feet hip width apart – facing forward.
Flex at the hip first by sticking your bottom back and down.
Keep your knees over your toes.
Drive back through heels.
Keep chest lifted.
Sit in an imaginary chair

Once you have found your ideal squat try some variations such as jumping squats!

Try this workout

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