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What can I make with my bone broth? Kick Start Fat Loss recipe blog

We have been making bone broth in the KSFL kitchen and thought we would share with you some recipes for those of you discovering your bone broth wings too! What is bone broth? Bone Broth is usually made with bones which can be picked up free from your butchers. The bones are typically roasted first

Quick fix recipes chosen by my online group

I asked the question to my Kick Start Fat Loss online group: “What is your favourite go-to recipe?” to give some inspiration to our KSFL clean eaters and here were some of their answers:   Egg wraps with shredded chicken and green leaves KSFL Special Breakfast Eggs is one of my favourites so far and

Kick Start Transformation Stories Lowestoft

See our TOP Kick Start Fat Loss transformation ladies Lesley, Lynette and Lisa talking about how their lives have changed with Kick Start Fat Loss Lowestoft and Helen Pybus.   Find a KSFL CLASS NEAR YOU

Kick Start Fat Loss Detox recipe ideas

My KSFL group have been cooking up an absolute STORM this week and it is great having such fantastic cooking inspiration all of the time… so here are a few of the favourites you can enjoy on your KSFL programme… after all a DETOX shouldn’t mean DULL FOOD… simply adjust these recipes to whichever plan you

KSFL clean eating protein peanut butter cups

These are absolutely IRRESISTIBLE ! If you miss your Reese’s peanut butter cups then this one is for you! Please try these and share what you think!!

Week 2 January 2016 Kick Start Fat Loss launches

Monday 11th- Helen Hereford Helen really kicked off the week with a bang! The clean buffet was amazing, she had 2 inspirational talks from Louise and Jeanette and everybody had a brilliant time. See the video of the night here: See Louise’s talk:   Tuesday 12th- Paris Ashford Paris had a fantastic buffet, spiralizer demo and talk see

Artificial sweeteners and their effects on health

Did you watch the TV programme researching artificial sweeteners last night? If so you will already have an idea of what they are all about so here is how we feel about them at Kick Start Fat Loss. Artificial sweeteners are simply put CHEMICALS, however, the argument for them is to fight tooth decay, diabetes and

KSFL Chicken & Veg Detox Broth

Super Easy  Chicken & Veg Broth / Soup / Stew More super simple & quick detox ideas        

Bone broth and why YOU should be making it

Bone broth… is it just another fad or are we really getting somewhere with this?! The broth craze isn’t a novelty it is going back to basic times, many cultures from Italian to Vietnamese have these recipes going back far in their history. If you are wondering “why not use a stock cube?” Ken Yamada chef-owner

#TransformationTuesday stories from Hartlepool

I travelled over to Hartlepool on the 11th January to the launch of Kick Start Fat Loss Hartlepool with Helen Monkman and WOW what a brilliant night it was! Helen put on a fantastic spread of clean food and had some wonderful transformation stories to share so here they are:   First up was Louise