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Lauren’s KSFL journey to improve health

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Lauren started KSFL for the health side with Michelle Jermy, KSFL Thetford, and wanted to share her story so far:


Lauren Day, 24

I’ve never been one of those girls who is happy with their body. I spent years with my weight fluctuating and saying that, my height too. I’ve always had something to be self conscious about, be it the rolls on my tummy or the not so thigh gap when I stand. I’m getting married this June, abroad, with my whole family and his there to celebrate with us. After the initial excitement faded, all I could think was, “everyone will see my in my bathing suit”. The thought made me feel sick… This is when I thought I could do something about it, I could make me feel more confident and healthy in my body, who wouldn’t be able to notice the glowing feeling I would be giving off for those 14 days? So I started Kick Start Fat Loss with Michelle Jermy, I’m writing this on day 6, so not far into the life changing programme at all, and I’ve already seen and felt some amazing changes. For the first time in years, I’ve been waking up and my stomach hasn’t been bloated (and yes I’ve been posing in the mirror each morning admiring the flatness) and my energy levels have rocketed. I’ve been able to do more exercise, wake up earlier and enjoy the early morning dog walks and spend more quality time with my Fiancé. If this is a sign of more to come, I can’t wait! And the best part about it is, the programme doesn’t insist on big changes! Even my fiancé has started to use coconut oil instead of regular cooking oils and introduced a lot more organic vegetables into his diet. This is something everyone can benefit from and believe me, it’s a lot better than the 3 takeaways we used to have each month (with the bloating that followed). I know now, that a little self love is all it takes to hit away any insecurities and learn to love yourself. By June, I know I will have lost a little weight, toned my body and feel like a million dollars, to myself at least, and at the end of the day, that’s all that matters right?


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