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The Kick Start Member of the week is…

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Thanks to all of you who voted for this week’s KICK START MEMBER OF THE WEEK!

The voting was SO close!

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With an overall 43 votes Erica from KSFL Maidenhead took first place as this week’s KICK START MEMBER OF THE WEEK!

A special goodie bag is on it’s way to you, Erica, well done and THANK YOU for all of your hard work and acting as a brilliant ambassador for KSFL! A special thanks to Liz Lane for her coaching and support.

Here was Erica’s story:

Erica joined me in February and has lost over 20lbs and 15 inches. I nominate her not only for her success but because she has become a huge advert for KSFL Achieva, telling everyone she meets how she did it and encouraging them to try it. She is also now one of the most active members in my FB group and goes out of her way to help and advise new members and encourage them to do well on KSFL.




With an overall tie of 40 votes each Lynda and Sarah were in close 2nd place!

Thank you for being valued KSFL members and sharing your great stories, you are a true inspiration! 

A goodie bag is being sent out to each of you well done!

Here was Linda’s story:

I’d like to nominate Lynda, an amazing lady and inspiration. 3yrs ago Lynda found herself in not a good place with total lack of confidence, stopped doing things, hid at back of classes. Early 2015 Lynda came to The Health Factory to try Konga, soon Lynda was hooked but then struck down with an llness. Jan 2016 Lynda started kick start fat loss, by March she had lost 22lbs and 25inches, but not just that she has her confidence back, comes to classes every day, conquered mirrors, allowed me to put her on FB live which was a big achievement, a photo shoot and next is to wear a bikini. This is briefly Lynda’s story, so much to tell but she is an inspiration to all women out there suffering with lack of confidence, fears, anxiety. Baby steps is what we took, team work and now she has blossomed x

Thanks to Suzanne Richardson of KSFL Kingswinford for your brilliant coaching and mentoring!

Here was Sarah’s story:

We nominate Sarah Lynn, since joining on 21/01/16 Sarah has lost 3 stone 42 lbs and 43.5 inches, dropping three almost 4 dress sizes. Sarah has lost inches every week and seen a decrease in weight every week bar one. Even then when going away for her wedding anniversary her weight stayed the same. Sarah is a slimming world convert, who is so taken with the programme she came to work for us. Since joining Sarah has seen her health improve and is now almost off her blood pressure meds. Still a way to go but is as determined as ever. A walking advert for KSFL.

Thanks to Paris Robinson, KSFL Ashford, for your fantastic support and coaching!


Thank you to all of the other nominations for taking part and sharing your fantastic stories, you are all stars in our eyes!


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