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For All My Eternity Natural Tan Review

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As you know, I love my fake tan, it is something I always have on… and feel naked without it!


For the last month I have been trying out For All My Eternity Tanning Mousse 

This company specialise in organic and natural skincare products; which I love to use to compliment my clean eating lifestyle.

They offer a wide range of tanning products, natural, scented, spray-ons and mousse! I tried the mousse.

This tan is instant which is great when applying as you can see the coverage, but continues to develop over 4 hours. I like to put it on in the evening to develop overnight. It is so easy to apply, non-sticky and smells of almonds!  I have quite sensitive skin so was pleased to find this one didn’t cause any irritation and was long lasting too.

If you have been looking for a natural fake tan then I would definitely recommend For All My Eternity’s range See the range here

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