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Here at KSFL you will notice our chocolatey recipes have “raw cacao” in them. I know what you may be thinking but NO it isn’t a spelling error and NO it isn’t the same as cocoa and here is why:

cocoa fruit

The difference between raw cacao and cocoa, much like most ingredients we talk about, is all in the processing. Chocolate comes from the cocoa bean which are usually fermented and dried before production into the products you see in the shops!
Raw cacao is unheated and unprocessed cacao beans. You will be most familiar with this in powder or “nibs” form. Because raw cacao isn’t taken through a high-heat processing, it’s packed with antioxidants, fiber and important minerals like magnesium and calcium. Cocoa has been processed to such an extent it loses its goodness.

Chocolate can produce many health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, increasing insulin sensitivity and much more but like anything… all in moderation!

Try one of our raw cacao recipes:

choco cherry fudge



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