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We are huge advocates of drinking natural / filtered /mineral
water here at Kick Start, and it’s one of
the most commonly asked questions….
“Why would I pay for mineral water”

“What is wrong with my tap water”
As always, my aim is to arm you with up
to date research, studies & info helping you make an
informed decision or what you do or don’t

Tap water in the UK varies massively
from area to area.

10% of the UK is involved in
The Fluorination programme where
fluoride has been
added to the water.

You can google it to find out if you area
is affected.
For example, I live in Nottinghamshire.
Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire
are 2 areas that has
fluoride added to the water.

Southern Ireland has also got mass fluoridation.

Check your area and see.
But even if you are not in an area have a look
at the ingredients & processes your local
water goes through.

Facts To Consider

*Children who drink excessive fluoridated water develop lower IQs, according to 34 published studies collected by the Fluoride Action Group.
*Water Fluoridation has created an epidemic of
dental fluorosis which is brown staining & mottled teeth.
*Fluoride added to most water supplies is an
industrial waste product.

*Fluoride chemicals are waste byproducts of
industrial production systems & have not been tested on long term human consumption.

But what about chlorine?

Chlorine is a chemical added to treat drinking water and is also present in pesticides & household items.
There is a link to food intolerances,
asthma & food allergies.
Many times you may drink a glass of tap
water and be overwhelmed by the taste of
chlorine – Is this healthy?
Pharmaceuticals are now being found in our tap water,
according to a UK study.

The study looked at 12 pharmaceuticals thought to pose an environmental threat , including pain killers, antibiotics and anti depressants and it found traces of these items in drinking waters and sewage water.
It’s a really interesting topic.

Yet again.
We don’t actually know what is in our water,
& the long term affects are.
We all know we need to drink more water
but is tap water making us fatter,
dumber and sicker in the long run?

Try drinking a glass every morning with a
pinch of Himalayan Salt.

This helps balance the adrenal glands.

What do you think?

As always I would love your feedback.

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Happy Tuesday

Love Rachel xxx
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