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Every week we ask our Kick Start Franchisees to nominate a special member that has been shining in their classes and open the vote to the public to find the winner! The winner then receives a prize and certificate in the post to thank them for all of their hard work!


Here are this week’s Kick Start Member Of The Week nominations:

Voting closes 21/10/16 at 9am

KSFL Gibraltar


I nominate Christabelle

Hear her story:
So why did I start doing KSFL in Feb 2016.My 50th birthday was coming up in August and I was generally unhappy with my weight. I was trying to juggle work, studying, social life, housework etc and had no time to exercise. Using alcohol to destress at weekends led to me piling on the kilos, feeling lethargic and bloated. I realised that I needed to make some drastic changes to my lifestyle. I came across some of the KSFL Gibraltar testimonials and these inspired me to give it a shot.
I started with the online version as I didn’t have time to commit to classes due to my studies. Although initially I thought I would have problems with cutting out fruit, pasta and bread in reality I didn’t find it that hard to adapt. I ate three nutritious meals a day and as long as I followed the guidelines and ate plenty of green veg and good fats I locked up my hunger. I didn’t have much of an issue with cravings during detox because I don’t have much of a sweet tooth but I found drinking plenty of water and herbal teas helped. The tips and support received via the online Facebook group proved invaluable to me and encouraged me to experiment in the kitchen modifying recipes to make them suitable for KSFL. I enjoyed taking pictures of the food I was eating and making collages to post in the group. I found it kept me focused and provided a means of engagement with the group.
Exercise is the other important factor of the KSFL programme. At first I was so unfit that I found a simple tabata workout on you-tube and stuck to that. I used to take my weights or exercise bands with me on trips abroad and workout in my hotel room. As my fitness improved and my energy levels increased I upped my workouts and started attending classes. I knew I was hooked when I exercised on my cruise balcony this summer.
To date I have lost approx. 14kg and 70cm overall. I have learnt a great deal thanks to our excellent mentor Natalie Hill on nutrition, the impact that hormones, and sleep etc. have on your weight loss and what works for me as an individual on the programme. For example I’m not a fan of fasting; I have a healthy appetite and enjoy eating. I’ve learnt that I can go alcohol free for 28 days if I choose to and that if I have a cheat meal that is not KSFL approved I am back on it the next day.
By far the greatest benefit from KSFL is that I no longer suffer from regular neck and back pain like I used to. I have tons more energy and my mind feels clearer and more focused. I feel mentally stronger and able to enjoy life to the fullest. I love travelling and I’m looking forward to enjoying an active holiday in Canada & Alaska next year and continuing on my KSFL journey.
My top tips for anyone considering giving KSFL a go are to keep an open mind, organise yourself and plan ahead. Cook from scratch and ditch the processed shit. Experiment in the kitchen and try everything at least once. Never knew I would enjoy green smoothies so much. Use spices to flavour food and try batch cooking, as it will free up more time. Do your HIIT workouts at home with you-tube it’s just 10 minutes! Don’t overthink it obsession is not a good thing. There will be bad days! Learn to forgive yourself and move on and above all enjoy the process.


KSFL Lincoln


I nominate Louise Turner

Louise has dropped two dress sizes with KSFL Lincoln. KSFL isn’t just for weight loss for Louise though it’s a much bigger picture and Louise her two daughters and two friends all come together as a big supportive family unit and it’s life changing for them. “After tragic events which turned our lives upside down, for comfort I turned to food as I’m an emotional eater. I’m now finding I’m less stressed about losing weight and jumping on and off the scales and feeling sooooo much fitter doing the classes and finding myself doing a little bit more in the classes every week with you, which feels amazing ! and like I said you truly are a wonderful and inspiring lady, thank you so much” Louise has gained so much confidence with KSFL and has now jacked in a “toxic” job she held after listening to our advise on reducing stress levels ( don’t worry she had another !) also after ditching the diet coke Louise hasn’t had a migraine and used to have three or four a month. I’m so proud of Louise and her family and they’ve already signed up for our next 12 week course!!

KSFL Wiltshire


I nominate Michaela

At week 4 of the 6 week transformation Programme! Before and after picture. Michaela is a busy mum of 3 children, and had her youngest this year!!

KSFL Plymouth


I would like to nominate Sue Fraser

Despite being quite unwell and awaiting a hospital visit was still determined to stick to her KSFL lifestyle which has been supported by her daughter who is also attending KSFL LIVE group. Sue has not been able to exercise due to medical reasons but feels more educated about KSFL and can’t wait to get stuck into cooking more recipes from the Elimination Recipe Book… Sue has lost 25.5cm and 7lbs in 4 weeks. Well done Sue. Enjoy your holiday in the sun.

KSFL Coleshill


I nominate Chloe Adams

Chloe started on the 28 Day Detox Programme back in August this year and has now just resigned up to The 12 Week Transformation Programme.

…To be fair Kim I was a size 12 in my nurse uniform i am now an size 8 which i cant believe. And I’ve also bought my first pair of size 10 jeans! Cant actually remember when i have ever bought a size 10. Thank u it’s the best programme i have ever done xxx


KSFL Northwich


I nominate Maria.

44 years old single mother of 2 teenage boys.
Has been eating the KSFL way for 21 days so far.
Lost 7llbs 6.5 inches. Suffer with type 2 diabetes, FM, depression and various other health conditions.
Apart from the inch loss , her ibs has improved, has only had 2 hypos, is managing her binges of crisps and chocilates when mood deteriorates, recognises her triggers more. Has enrolled on a gym programme for beginners.
She came to this week talk with a smile on her face . Even her GP has commented on her great progress while on KSFL.

KSFL Ellesmere


I nominate Gill Dorricot.

She’s been an advocate of KSFL for a few years now but after suffering an injury she was unable to keep exercising and lost all motivation to look after herself and eat well.
Once she’d recovered from the injury she was so fed up she joined back up with my KSFL online 28 Day programme and is still there 5 months later with fantastic results. Some may think 1st 2lb loss in 5 months isn’t a lot, but Gill took this on with a ‘regain her life’ kind of attitude.
She’s had nights/weekends out, eats out regularly and has been on holiday for two weeks during this 5 month phase. What I love most about Gill is that she is hugely interactive and inspiring on or online group.
When she posted these photos the other day it inspired others on the group… new comers to realise that it’s not an instant change it takes hard work!

Please vote for your member of the week!

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