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Hear from a Champion Boxer reaching his target weight and a woman with anxiety feeling her mood transform with food

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We have 2 great stories for you today from some VERY proud KSFL Franchisees!


Kim of KSFL Coleshill has shared with us a story from one of her group “Tommy” 8 times midland champion Boxer:


“I’ve been working with a young lad named Tommy (Gun) Colins…

Tommy is 18yrs and is a boxer 8 times midlands champions who trains at Eastside Boxing Club Birmingham, one of the best boxing clubs in the UK . Tommy needed to lose 3kg so to be able to qualify and train with the England Boxing Squad in Sheffield. He came to me and ask me to help him get down to 60kg which was the weight he needed to be so to get into the England squad. Since getting to his required weight Tommy has won all his fights and now he’s is in the national semi-finals this weekend. This is what he has to say…

1) Before starting 14 Day KSFL Programme I was at a sticking point with my weight where I couldn’t get below 63.0kg no matter how much I dieted or exercised

2) My fear in starting the programme. I was worried that I would have been extremely weak in trying to make 60kg as there were no carbs involved

3) After 14 days on KSFL, I got to 59.70kg

4) I’m on weight and my body is constant at it, which is helping boost my confidence and performances

5) The result has helped me massively as I can compete in the CYPS National Championships every week without worrying about making weight.

Thanks ever so much again Kim ur a life saver.”

Well done Coleshill Team!


KSFL Redditch

Michelle of KSFL Redditch is SO proud of a member of her group seeing massive improvements in her skin and energy:

“Sorry I’ve no photos to show & my results are not as impressive as others but I wanted to share what KSFL has done for me. I’ve lost 4.5lbs & 5 & 3/4″, I feel so much better about myself & the weight & inch loss are a very small part of that. My skin is so much better, my eczema is virtually gone, I could barely wear eye makeup or my wedding ring over the summer it was so bad. My energy levels are higher, my job & life can be stressful & I’ve learnt to be more mindful. I really see how food can affect my mood & outlook. I often suffer with dips of low self esteem, depression & terrible anxiety, these have improved so much, it means such a lot to me. I’m so thankful to Michelle Waldron for leading in a positive, energetic way with no judgement, just always there to advise & support. Her classes are great, always something for everyone & everybody is friendly & likeminded. I’ve also met some fabulous friends for life on my journey & the KSFL lifestyle is definitely the way of living for life xx ?”

Well done Redditch team!

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