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As many women will be thinking about embarking
on an exercise regime this January I wanted to highlight
and start a conversation with you about Pelvic Health
and Bowel Health. 
Millions of women suffer in silence, feeling embarrassed about 
leakage during exercise and constipation is another huge issue 
So, in 2017 I wanted to introduce Michelle Lyons to you
via this interviw who works closely with
my great friend Women’s Health Expert Jenny Burrell.
Here at Kick Start we want to start talking about these topics
and bringing solutions to you so you can enjoy your life without worrying
about your pelvic health.
If you are struggling it’s a relief to know there is help at hand.
Our goal is to help you regain your health, our energy and vitality in 2017
with the best information from the worlds expert.
All of our Kick Start franchisees and coaches
will be helping your with 
these topics in their Live and
Online Kick Start groups.
It’s exciting times and we are all looking to sharing so much
great knowledge and expertise with you.
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