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Ways To Help Combat Adrenal Fatigue

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Do you feel totally exhausted?
You could have adrenal fatigue!
When your body becomes overwhelmed from long term stressors it can have many effects on your body.

With these simple changes you can optimise your adrenal health:


1. Limit your exposure to toxins

You may overlook cleaning products /beauty products but the toxins found in these can be potentially harmful to you.

Toxins activate the anti-inflammatory pathways in your body and your body becomes tired from responding to these.


2. Fill up on KSFL detoxing foods

Make sure you are filling your plate with nutrient rich foods to help your body rid itself of any toxins you come in contact with.

Leafy greens are fantastic for this!


3. Prioritize sleep

Make sure your body is getting the rest it needs to relieve stress on the adrenals.


4. Do something you love

Doing things you love relieves stress! It can be as simple as seeing friends, going to the cinema, going walking… whatever you love!


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