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Week 1 with KSFL Beeston Blog

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Meet Sally of KSFL Beeston who has recently launched her new KSFL class.

Read her blog below of week 1!


Kick Start Fat Loss BEESTON,
Thursday 7.00-8.30pm, Round Hill School

We started our KSFL Beeston 4 Week Transformation last night on a lovely summers evening. My team of KSFLers and I have focused on how to detox…

Not only through a healthy KSFL diet, but through a mindful KFSL Fitness Pilates.

The group are all fired up with positive vibes to make good changes & choices.

We are encouraging each other to enjoy new experiences & new activities.
So they will try my Dynamic Yoga Class, Zumba & HIIT & Tone over the coming weeks to find what’s right for them & help them keep on track.

The FITNESS PILATES class is aimed at improving posture, developing core strength and creating more flexibility within the body, building on the healthy diet, with a healthy rounded lifestyle… We were so chilled at the end of last nights class.

Then it’s sharing in our Private FB group to expose each other to new ways of cooking, different food types & new recipes.

In the Group we have some old faces returning to KFSL,
•       back to shred more fat
•       reset their eating patterns and habits
•       replenish their bodies and renew their goals.

We have several new faces including
•       a mum with her 16-year-old daughter
•       a keen runner whose aim is not weight or inch loss but improving her diet to maximise her training
•       a couple of ladies who will benefit from the awesome effect this diet has on your hormones… menopause… what menopause??

All of the team are ready to clear out the cupboards, eat clean and start to take up more exercise.

We are all agreed this is not a quick fix but a path to a healthier lifestyle encompassing more activities and exercise that we enjoy doing, eating tasty and nourishing food, learning what works for each person dependant on their work, age, gender & personal tastes.

With this in mind we have Liz, who lost three stone with me in 2014 as she approached 50, joining us next week to inspire us & share her fabulous recipes with the group.

Let’s see how this week goes… bring it on & I will report back next week.

Stay strong, healthy & happy.
Sally X


Thanks Sally, we can’t wait to see how your class get on!

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