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Month: August 2017

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Venue Confirmed Mind.Body.Fit Harbour Club Kensington

Mind.Body.Fit. EVENT With Rachel Holmes Jayne Nicholls VENUE: The Harbour Club Kensington.   SUNDAY 17th SEPTEMBER – 1 – 5pm Afternoon.   The Harbour Club Kensington. Click here to see the club details       Jayne and Rachel are reuniting for an afternoon of wellness, masterclasses and talks.   Did you used to come to the Athletes

Goals after Bank Holiday Weekend

G O A L S      Good Morning, After a fab bank holiday it’s hard to motivate yourself to get moving so hopefully this post may inspire you to get out, talk a walk or do a   fast 15 minute energiser….. If you are like me you just don’t want summer to end…..it’s

Quick Health and Motivation Tips From Rachel

Are you Motivated today to Eat Well, Exercise & Enjoy The Day? Here are my Quick 8 Top KSFL Fatloss Tips 1: Have you tried fasting? Research shows that fasting for 17 – 22 hours from your evening meal until your next meal, really allows the body o dig into the fat stores & gives

#meatfreemonday protein sources and recipe ideas

Do you do #meatfreemonday ?? Here are some deliciously healthy vegetable protein sources that you may want to swap for your meat: Making curry? Why not use lentils? With 9 grams of protein per 50 grams cooked serving. Sugar snap peas are so fresh and tasty, great for a snack on-the-go- they have 5 grams

Food quality and the effect on weight loss

I hope you are having a wonderful Summer? I’m away in Turkey at the moment and it is so hot….over 38 degrees. Here, there is an abundance of beautiful fresh veg and fruits on the buffet and it’s quite easy to eat really healthy. How Important Is the Quality of the Food You Eat? This

Do you love leafy greens?

  Do you find leafy greens too strong in taste? Many people do and they key is to dull down the flavour through using sauces such as pestos, tomato based and mixing with other dominant flavours. Studies show the more leafy greens you eat the more you get used to them so you can train

KSFL Challenge Detox day

Today we are challenging you to DETOX with our green recipes of the day- are you in? Tag us in and use the hashtag #ksflfood Breakfast Lunch Dinner

KSFL Challenge Go Vegetarian for the day

We are challenging you today to go meat-free with our delicious and healthy recipes! We know you will love them so give them a try: BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER So what do you think are you up for our challenge? Share your food pics with us #ksflfood

Is Matcha better than Green Tea?

Have you tried Matcha??? Matcha is made from ground Green Tea leaves- you may have seen the likes of Aldi selling this product now- making it much more affordable! Both matcha and green tea come from the plant Camellia sinensis, but matcha tea bushes are shielded from direct sunlight for roughly a month before the

Stay fit on holiday check list

Are you off on your jollies? Keep fit while you are there with our top holiday tips: EATING AND DIET Eat before the airport Pack healthy snacks Driving? Plan pit stops Visit local food markets Make your own meals   EXERCISE AND FITNESS Explore the area on foot/bike Always take the stairs Go on an